Village of Freeport, NY
Nassau County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Article I In General

Sec. 1 Definitions.

Sec. 2 Extraordinary traffic conditions; vehicles to be removed from streets.

Sec. 3 Disabled, unattended vehicles obstructing traffic; removal required.

Sec. 4 Removal of vehicle at owner's expense.

Sec. 5 Extension of traffic controls.

Sec. 6 Fines for offenses.

Sec. 7 through Sec. 13. (Reserved)

Article II Operation of Vehicles

Sec. 14 U-turns prohibited within blocks designated.

Sec. 15 U-turns prohibited at intersections designated.

Sec. 16 One-way traffic: East.

Sec. 17 One-way traffic: North.

Sec. 18 One-way traffic: South.

Sec. 19 One-way traffic: West.

Sec. 20 Through traffic prohibited.

Sec. 21 Through truck traffic.

Sec. 22 Maximum speed limit; designated, exceptions.

Sec. 23 Stop streets at main arteries of travel.

Sec. 24 Stop streets at locations other than main arteries of travel.

Sec. 25 Right turns on red light, green arrow signal.

Sec. 25.1 No turn on red light.

Sec. 25.2 Right turns prohibited.

Sec. 25.3 No left turn.

Sec. 26 Speed zones.

Sec. 26.1 School speed limit zones.

Sec. 27 Snow emergency.

Sec. 28 Stop sign at crosswalks on main arteries of travel.

Sec. 29 Stop signs in Village-owned parking fields or properties.

Sec. 30 through Sec. 34. (Reserved)

Article III Parking Restrictions

Sec. 35 Parallel parking required on Sunrise Highway.

Sec. 36 Commuter parking: Areas designated, tag required.

Sec. 37 Commuter parking; Issuance, display of tag; fee for tag.

Sec. 37.1 Commuter parking, nonresident; issuance, display of tag; fee for tag.

Sec. 38 Commuter parking: Enforcement.

Sec. 39 Coaches, trailers, similar vehicles; parking restricted.

Sec. 40 Parking prohibited at all times.

Sec. 41 Parking prohibited at all times unless otherwise designated.

Sec. 42 Two-hour parking at all times unless otherwise indicated.

Sec. 43 One-hour parking at all times unless otherwise indicated.

Sec. 44 Thirty-minute parking; locations designated.

Sec. 45 Fifteen-minute parking at all times unless otherwise indicated.

Sec. 46 No stopping or standing at any time unless otherwise indicated.

Sec. 46.1 No stopping or standing at any time, except buses.

Sec. 46.2 No stopping, standing or parking of commercial vehicles.

Sec. 47 Three-hour parking at all times unless otherwise indicated.

Sec. 47.1 Four-hour parking at all times unless otherwise indicated.

Sec. 48 Twelve-hour parking at all times unless otherwise indicated.

Sec. 49 Tow-away zones.

Sec. 49.1 Commercial vehicle tow-away zones.

Sec. 50 Business district permit parking: areas designated; tag required.

Sec. 50.1 Business district permit parking: issuance and display of tag; fee; penalties for offenses.

Sec. 50.2 Business district permit parking: enforcement.

Sec. 51 Municipal employee parking; areas designated; tag required.

Sec. 52 Commercial vehicles and trailers.

Sec. 53 Loading zones.

Sec. 54 Parking for handicapped.

Sec. 54.1 Handicapped parking on public streets.

Sec. 55 Parking for handicapped on private property.

Sec. 56 Fire Department parking, areas designated.

Article IV Parking Fields

Sec. 57 Definitions.

Sec. 58 Entrances, exits; use required.

Sec. 59 Manner of parking.

Sec. 60 No-parking areas.

Sec. 61 Parking time limits.

Sec. 62 Use of lights on vehicles.

Sec. 63 Repair work prohibited.

Sec. 64 Promulgation of traffic regulations.

Sec. 65 Privately owned parking fields.

Sec. 66 Consumption of alcoholic beverages on municipal parking field prohibited.

Sec. 67 Commercial vehicles prohibited in designated municipal parking fields.

Sec. 67.1 Commercial vehicle tow-away zone in designated municipal parking fields.

Sec. 68 through Sec. 72. (Reserved)

Article V Parking Meters

Sec. 73 Scope of provisions.

Sec. 74 Installation authorized; purpose

Sec. 75 Definitions.

Sec. 76 Parking meter zones.

Sec. 77 Designation of parking spaces.

Sec. 78 Installation of parking meters.

Sec. 79 Operation of parking meters.

Sec. 80 Parking meter rates designated.

Sec. 81 Parking time limits; establishment, operation.

Sec. 82 Collection of meter receipts.

Sec. 83 Receipts to be deposited in general funds.

Sec. 84 Prohibited acts.

Sec. 85 Enforcement of provisions.

Sec. 86 (Reserved)

Article VI Freeport Recreation Center Parking Field

Sec. 87 Definitions.

Sec. 88 Entrances and exits; use required.

Sec. 89 Manner of parking.

Sec. 90 No-parking areas.

Sec. 91 Use of parking field.

Sec. 92 Parking time limits.

Sec. 93 Repair work prohibited.

Sec. 94 Consumption of alcoholic beverages prohibited.

Sec. 95 Drop-off zone.

Sec. 96 through Sec. 99. (Reserved)

Article VII Enforcement and Penalties for Failure to Answer a Parking Summons

Sec. 100 Entry of plea.

Sec. 101 Conferences; hearings.

Sec. 102 through Sec. 109. (Reserved)

Sec. 110 Failure to answer; penalties.

Sec. 111 Administration fee.