City of Pittsburgh, PA
Allegheny County
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§ 523.01
Authority to establish. 

§ 523.02
Towing authority. 

§ 523.03

§ 523.04
Private towers. 

§ 523.05
Release of vehicle; storage fee; hearings. 

§ 523.06

§ 523.07

§ 523.01 Authority to establish.

The City Treasurer shall operate official vehicle pounds, to which impounded vehicles may be removed, and may designate additional garages or lots as official vehicle pounds in the event of an emergency.

§ 523.02 Towing authority.

[Ord. 11-1980, eff. 7-25-80]

Whenever any vehicle is found wrecked or abandoned or parked in violation of the Commonwealth Vehicle Code, or this Traffic Title, the vehicle shall be removed upon authorization of the Superintendent of Police, either by City-operated towing equipment, or by a contract tower, to any authorized City pound.


The Superintendent of Police may direct the towing of vehicles to any City pound, private storage area or garage for the purpose of police investigation.

§ 523.03 Records.

It shall be the duty of the City Treasurer to safely keep any impounded vehicle until the vehicle has been redeemed by the owner or person legally entitled to possession thereof, or otherwise disposed of as provided in this Chapter. The Department of Police shall cause an accurate record to be kept of the description of the vehicle, including the name of the officer from whom a vehicle was received, the officer employed to tow or have the vehicle delivered to the pound or authorized garage, the date and time when received, the place where found, seized or taken possession of, the make and color of car, style or body, kind of power, motor number, serial number, number of cylinders, year built, state license number, if any, equipment and general description of condition, the name and address of the person redeeming the vehicle, the date of redemption and date of disposal in case the vehicle is not redeemed, together with any costs of outstanding summonses and the towing and storage charges. This record shall be in the form prescribed by the Superintendent of Police.

§ 523.04 Private towers.

[Ord. 21-2004, § 26, eff. 12-2-04; Ord. No. 24-2006, § 1(13), eff. 12-4-06]

The Mayor and the Director of the Department of Finance are authorized to solicit bids and to enter into annual contracts with one or more reputable private towers to tow to designated pounds, vehicles illegally parked, wrecked, abandoned or seized within the City, when such towing services are authorized by the Chief of Police.

§ 523.05 Release of vehicle; storage fee; hearings.

[Ord. 34-1990, eff. 12-18-90; Am. Ord. 33-1992, eff. 10-9-92; Ord. 8-1984, eff. 4-17-84; Ord. No. 11-2005, § 1, eff. 3-22-05]

Before the owner or his agent is permitted to remove an impounded vehicle from any City pound, he or she shall:


Pay the immobilization and/or towing charge applicable to this type of vehicle.


Pay the storage charge applicable to this type of vehicle. The rate charged is for each day or fraction thereof.


First three days or fraction thereof the fees are the same as schedule below. From fourth day on the fee is $18 each day or fraction thereof.

Type of Vehicle Storage Fee
Passenger cars, motorcycles and scooters $9
Type of Vehicle Storage Fee
Trucks and truck tractors:
Class (Registered Gross or Combination Weight in Pounds)
1 5,000 or less $6
2 5,001—7,000 $6
3 7,001—9,000 $6
4 9,001—11,000 $6
5 11,001—14,000 $6
6 14,001—17,000 $6
7 17,001—21,000 $6
8 21,001—26,000 $6
9 26,001—30,000 $6
10 30,001—33,000 $6
11 33,001—36,000 $6
12 36,001—40,000 $6
13 40,001—44,000 $6
14 44,001—48,000 $6
15 48,001—52,000 $6
16 52,001—56,000 $6
17 56,001—60,000 $6
18 60,001—64,000 $6
19 64,001—68,000 $6
20 68,001—73,280 $6
21 73,281—76,000 $6
22 76,001—78,000 $6
23 78,001—78,500 $6
24 78,501—79,000 $6
25 79,001—80,000 $6
Type of Vehicle Storage Fee
(Registered Gross Weight in Pounds)
3,000 or less $6
3,001—10,000 $6
10,001 or more $6
Type of Vehicle StorageFee
All buses, including bus type mobile homes, bus type mobile houses and converted mobile bus stores $6.00
All construction vehicles and other specially constructed or large vehicles not specifically provided for above 6.00

§ 523.06 (Reserved)

Editor's Note: Ord. No. 11-2005, § 1, adopted March 22, 2005, repealed § 523.06, which pertained to payment under protest. See also the Code Comparative Table.

§ 523.07 (Reserved)

Editor's Note: Ord. No. 11-2005, § 1, adopted March 22, 2005, repealed § 523.07, which pertained to protest hearing. See also the Code Comparative Table.