Town of Hempstead BZO, NY
Nassau County
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§ 12 Enumeration of districts.

[Effective 10-31-1987; 3-22-1992; 12-29-2008; amended by L.L. No. 54-2011, effective 6-28-2011; 7-29-2012]
For the purpose of this ordinance, the Town of Hempstead, outside of incorporated villages and cities, is hereby divided into districts, which shall be designated as follows:
A Residence Districts (A)
AA Residence Districts (AA)
A1 Residence Districts (A1)
A2 Residence Districts (A2)
B Residence Districts (B)
BB Residence Districts (BB)
BA Residence Districts (BA)
C Residence Districts (C)
CA Residence Districts (CA)
CA-S Residence Districts (CA-S)
E Edu-Cultural Districts (E)
GA Golden Age Residence Districts (GA)
MFH Mitchel Field Hotel District (MFH)
MFO Mitchel Field Office District (MFO)
MFO-I Mitchel Field Office District-I (MFO-I)
MFO-II Mitchel Field Office District-Il (MFO-II)
MFM Mitchell Field Mixed-Use District (MFM)
CR Cluster Residential Districts (CR)
LPRD Levittown Planned Residence District (LPRD)
X Business Districts (X)
LM Light Manufacturing Districts (LM)
Y Industrial Districts (Y)
MA Marine Residence Districts (MA)
MB Marine Commercial Districts (MB)
MC Marine Recreation Districts (MC)
MD Marine Resort Districts (MD)
URD-B Urban Renewal Residence B District (URD-B)
URD-C Urban Renewal Residence C District (URD-C)
URD-HC Urban Renewal Highway Commercial District (URD-HC)
URD-EH Urban Renewal Residence Elderly-Handicapped District (URD-EH)
GSS Gasoline Service Station Districts (GSS)
PUD Planned Unit Development District
HT-E Hempstead Turnpike = Elmont District

§ 13 Zoning Map.

The boundaries of said districts shall be as shown upon the Official Map, as amended and made a part of this ordinance, which is hereby designated as the "Building Zone Map of the Town of Hempstead, Nassau County, New York."[1] Said map and all notations, references and other things shown thereon shall be as much a part of this ordinance as if the matters and things shown by said map were all fully described herein.
Editor's Note: The Building Zone Map is on file in the Building Department.

§ 14 Determination of district boundaries.

The boundaries between districts are, unless otherwise indicated, either the center lines of streets or railroad rights-of-way, or such lines extended or lines parallel thereto. Where figures are shown on the Zoning Map between the street and a district boundary line, they indicate that the district boundary line runs parallel to the street line at a distance therefrom equivalent to the number of feet so indicated. When the location of a district boundary line is not otherwise determined, it shall be determined by the scale of the map measured from a given line. Where the street layout actually on the ground varies from the street layout as shown on the Building Zone Map, the designation shown on the mapped street shall apply in such a way as to carry out the intent and the purposes of this ordinance for the particular area in question.