Allegany County, MD
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§ 360-89 General regulations.

Residential accessory structures:
Residential accessory structures may be located within side or rear yards per § 360-86. No residential accessory structure may be located within the required front yard setback.
A temporary mobile home for residential purposes on a lot with a principal residential structure is considered an accessory structure and is a permitted use in the G-1, G-2, A and C Districts and is a special exception use in the B-1, B-2 and I Districts. This mobile home must be located at least 50 feet from any dwelling and must meet the setback and parking requirements for residential uses. The permit for this temporary mobile home is limited to five years and may be renewed for a second five-year term by the County upon written request by the applicant. There is no fee for this renewal.
The use of mobile homes, travel trailers, motor homes, motor vehicle bodies or similar devices for storage is not permitted as an accessory use.
[Amended 5-9-2002 by Bill No. 3-02, effective 6-23-2002]
A residential storage building or garage may be built on a residential lot prior to construction of a residential structure, provided that it meets size and setback requirements.
[Amended 5-9-2002 by Bill No. 3-02, effective 6-23-2002]
Nonresidential structures:
Nonresidential structures may be located on the same lot as other approved nonresidential structures, provided that setback and size requirements are met.
Nonresidential structures associated with previously approved Board of Appeals special exceptions do not require Board of Appeals approval on the same parcel.
Dwelling units as accessory uses in the B-1, B-2 and I Districts.
New dwelling units associated with commercial or industrial uses may be permitted as accessory uses in the B-1, B-2 and I Districts where the dwelling units are clearly subordinate in size to the commercial or industrial use. The owner of the dwelling units must also own the associated commercial or industrial use.
No new fence, wall, structure, plant or other barrier to vision or sight distance shall be permitted within a radius of 20 feet from the right-of-way line of the intersection of any road, street or driveway with a County- or state-maintained road or street or within a radius of 55 feet from the intersection of the center lines of these roads, streets or driveways.
No fence, wall or other obstruction may be placed in stream channels which impedes the flow of the stream or causes backwater flooding of properties upstream.