Town of Islip, NY
Suffolk County
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[Added 6-3-1969]

§ 68-427 Application of article.

This article shall apply only to land situated within the bounds of the Fire Island National Seashore where the same lies in the Town of Islip, but excluding any lands which lie within the boundaries of incorporated villages.

§ 68-428 Regulation of apartments and multiple-unit dwellings.

[Amended 12-19-1978]
The Town Board, being in full agreement with the United States Department of the Interior's general intent for the preservation of Fire Island as a unique resource for present and future generations, consistent with the General Management Plan for the Fire Island National Seashore, hereby declares that new construction or expansion of apartments or other multiple-family dwellings on Fire Island be prohibited, and further declares that the conversion of existing structures to apartments or multiple-family dwellings be prohibited.

§ 68-429 Uses permitted by special permit from Planning Board after public hearing.

[Amended 12-19-1978; 4-5-2005]
The following uses shall be permitted in a Business I District on Fire Island and in no other districts:
Uses permitted in a BAA District, §§ 68-136 and 68-137, when in conformance with the regulations specified in Article XI of this chapter entitled "Use District Regulations: Residence BAA District."
Stores or offices in which goods or commodities or services are sold at retail without any outdoor sales, displays or storage and solely in support of community activities.

§ 68-430 Special permit procedure.

[Amended 12-19-1978]
Upon receipt of an application for a building permit in a business zone, the Director of the Building Division shall follow the procedure set forth in Chapter 13B, Environmental Quality Review.
Within the time span specified in the Environmental Quality Review Act and after public notice, the Town Board shall hold a public hearing on the special permit application.
The Fire Island National Seashore shall hereafter be deemed an interested party to all actions concerning Fire Island and shall be duly notified of all pending actions and decisions concerning Fire Island.

§ 68-431 Sign regulations.

[Amended 12-19-1978]
Residential zone. Signs within residential zones shall not be illuminated and shall be limited in size to one square foot in area, including signs utilized for advertising the sale or rental of property, which may be placed only on the property advertised for sale or rental. The maximum number of signs permitted within residential zones shall be limited to one per building lot.
Business zone or use. Within this zone, advertising or commercial displays for commercial uses, which are acceptable to the Secretary of the Interior, may not exceed four square feet in area, may not be self-illuminated and may be placed only on the property on which such commercial use occurs. No flashing, blinking or moving signs shall be permitted. Roof signs are prohibited. Facial signs parallel from the structure to which they are attached. Signs projecting at a ninety-degree angle from any structure shall not project more than four feet from the structure to which they are attached nor be placed lower than eight feet above the adjacent grade. No sign shall be so constructed or attached to any building as to obstruct any window, door or other opening of the same. The maximum number of signs permitted per business lot shall be one.
Noncommercial signs used for public information, orientation or education purposes may be larger by special permit from the Town Board. The procedure followed shall be the same as specified in § 68-430.
Nonconforming signs in any zone which are in existence at the time this amendment is adopted may continue such nonconformity until they are destroyed, structurally altered, reconstructed, changed or moved, but the period of such nonconformity may not exceed two years from the date of the adoption of this amendment.[1]
Editor's Note: The adoption date of this amendment is 12-19-1978.
Any sign in disrepair or in a hazardous condition shall be repaired or removed within five working days after notification by the Building Division.

§ 68-432 Amendment of article.

No amendments of this article shall be made without the prior determination and approval of the Secretary of the Interior that they are consistent with the objectives and purposes of the Public Law 88-587 (78 Stat. 928) authorizing the establishment of the Fire Island National Seashore.