Town of Riverhead, NY
Suffolk County
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Part I, Administrative Legislation

Chapter 1 General Provisions

Chapter 3 Appearance Tickets

Chapter 4 Assessors

Chapter 7 Business Improvement District

Chapter 10 Civil Claims

Chapter 11 (Reserved)

Chapter 12 Coastal Erosion Hazard Areas

Chapter 13 Conservation Advisory Council

Chapter 14 Community Preservation

Chapter 15 Defense and Indemnification

Chapter 17 (Reserved)

Chapter 18 Ethics, Code of

Chapter 22 Local Laws, Adoption of

Chapter 25 Narcotics Guidance Council

Chapter 26 Officers and Employees

Chapter 27 Ordinances

Chapter 29 Outdoor Dining

Chapter 30 Planning Board

Chapter 32 Police Commissioners, Board of

Chapter 35 Recreation Committee

Chapter 37 Retirement

Chapter 38 Smoking

Chapter 41 Traffic Violations Bureau

Chapter 43 Youth Bureau

Part II, General Legislation

Chapter 44 Agricultural Lands Preservation

Chapter 45 Alarm Systems

Chapter 46 Alcoholic Beverages

Chapter 46A Architectural Review

Chapter 47 Bays and Creeks

Chapter 48 Beaches and Recreation Centers

Chapter 49 Bicycles

Chapter 50 Bingo

Chapter 52 Building Construction

Chapter 53 Building Improvements

Chapter 54 Unsafe Buildings, Structures and Dangerous Conditions

Chapter 56 Docks and Wharves

Chapter 58 Dogs

Chapter 60 Electrical Wiring and Installations

Chapter 61 Environmental Quality Review

Chapter 61A Environmental Safety

Chapter 62 Excavations

Chapter 62A Games of Chance

Chapter 63 Grading

Chapter 63A Graffiti

Chapter 64 Fire Prevention

Chapter 65 Flood Damage Prevention

Chapter 68 Housing Standards

Chapter 71 Junk Dealers

Chapter 72 (Reserved)

Chapter 73 Landmarks Preservation

Chapter 74 Laundries and Dry-Cleaning Establishments

Chapter 75 (Reserved)

Chapter 76 Loitering

Chapter 78 Management of Records

Chapter 79 Mobile Homes and Travel Trailer Parks

Chapter 81 Noise Control

Chapter 82 Nuisance Abatement

Chapter 83 Parades and Assemblies

Chapter 83A Parking on Private Roads

Chapter 84 Peddling and Soliciting

Chapter 85 Raceways, Motor Vehicle

Chapter 86 Rental Dwelling Units

Chapter 87 Sewer Rents

Chapter 88 Sewers

Chapter 89 Calverton Sewer District

Chapter 90 Special Events

Chapter 91 Shopping Carts

Chapter 92 Highways, Streets and Sidewalks

Chapter 93 Sunday Activities

Chapter 94 Tobacco Advertising

Chapter 95 Taxation

Chapter 95A (Reserved)

Chapter 96 Rubbish, Refuse, Weeds and Other Rank Vegetation

Chapter 97 Trespassing

Chapter 98 Littering

Chapter 98A Drop-Off Bins

Chapter 99 Taxicabs and Vehicles for Hire

Chapter 100 Vehicles, Junked, Abandoned and Unregistered

Chapter 101 Vehicles and Traffic

Chapter 102 Vehicles, Unclaimed

Chapter 103 Solid Waste Management

Chapter 104 Vegetation Protection

Chapter 105 Water

Chapter 106 Waterways

Chapter 107 Tidal and Freshwater Wetlands

Chapter 107A Zero Tolerance Zones

Chapter 108 Zoning

Chapter 109 Storm Sewers

Chapter 110 Stormwater Management and Erosion and Sediment Control

Chapter 111 Sex Offenders

Chapter 112 Goose Feeding


Chapter A112 Cable Television Franchise

Chapter A113 Docking Facility Regulations

Chapter A114 Police Rules and Regulations

Chapter A115 (Reserved)

Disposition List

Chapter DL Disposition List