Town of Dover, MA
Norfolk County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by ATM 5-5-1985 as amended through 1997. Subsequent amendments noted where applicable.]
Cemetery Commission — See Ch. 4, Art. VIII.
Cemetery Commission rules and regulations — See Ch. 265.
All unsold lots in the cemetery shall be sold and deeds given, subject to the following regulations:
The Commissioners may divide unsold lots into portions, each such portion to be designated as a grave. All lots shall be sold under perpetual care. The Commissioners shall determine from time to time the price to be paid for lots and graves and the amount to be deposited for perpetual care thereof.
All interments in lots for which deeds have been issued shall be restricted to members of the family and relatives of the proprietors thereof, except special permission to the contrary may be obtained from the Commissioners in writing.
No sale, transfer or assignment of the deed of any lot shall be valid without the consent of the Commissioners and their approval endorsed on the conveyance.
The landmarks or cornerstones indicating the boundaries of the lots shall be set level with the surface of the ground. They will be furnished and set by the Commissioners on all lots hereafter sold, and the same shall not be altered or removed.
The Commissioners will make no charge for the general care of lots or graves under perpetual care, but extra care or work, such as planting trees or cultivating flowers, will only be done at the owner's expense, unless special provisions be made and extra amount paid in the perpetual care agreement.
The Commissioners shall establish the grade of all lots and avenues, and shall direct generally all improvements within the grounds, upon all lots, before as well as after the interments have been made therein, and no lot shall be filled or raised above the established grade. They will have charge of the planting, sodding, surveying and improvements generally at the cemetery.
The Commissioners desire to leave the improvement of lots, as far as possible, to the taste of the owners, but, in justice to all, they reserve the right given them by law to exclude or remove from any lot any headstone, monument or other structure, tree, plant, or other object whatever which they consider injurious to the general appearance of the grounds, and no trees growing within any lot shall be removed or trimmed without the consent of the Commissioners.
When burial is required, notice must be given to the Commissioners in season for opening the grave, accompanied with a permit from the Town Clerk or Board of Health, as required by law.
All graves must be dug by employees of the cemetery. Interments will be subject to the necessary charges.
All lots are to be numbered and supplied with markers by the Commissioners. Only 1 body shall be buried in a grave, or up to 3 cremated remains may be interred in the space of 1 grave. Whenever a lot or a grave is vacant, the owner thereof may sell the same to the Town at the original price thereof, but there shall be no imbursement for any amount paid for perpetual care. An individual grave may not be transferred except as provided herein or by will or intestate succession.
No charge will be made for opening or closing receiving tomb. All bodies must be removed by May 1st unless by special permit of the Commissioners.
Drivers of carriages employed at funerals will be required to care for their teams during the ceremonies, and their employers will be held responsible for any damage which may result from their carelessness or neglect of duty.
There shall be only 1 headstone per lot of 4 graves or more, and the positioning of the headstone shall be directed by the Commissioners. All new headstones must rest on concrete foundations laid below the frost, and satisfactory to the Commissioners. No work will be allowed to be set in the spring until the ground has fully settled and is in proper condition.
No tomb shall be constructed except in such parts of the grounds as shall be designated by the Commissioners for that purpose, and no proprietor shall suffer the remains of any person to be deposited in a tomb so authorized, for hire.
All persons are forbidden from gathering any flowers, either wild or cultivated, breaking any tree, shrub or plant, writing upon, defacing or injuring any monument, fence or structure.
All persons are prohibited from discharging firearms, walking on the borders, or crossing lots.
Citizens of Dover who are heads of families and have been residents of the Town for not less than 5 years shall be entitled to lots in the cemetery, allowing 1 lot to a family, subject to the regulations adopted by the Town, upon payment for same, but by consent of the Commissioners the five years' residence requirement may be waived.