Town of Dover, MA
Norfolk County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted as indicated in article histories. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Licenses and permits — See Ch. 5, Art. II.
Animals — See Ch. 83.
Electric lines — See Ch. 100.
Firearms — See Ch. 109.
Vehicles and traffic — See Ch. 169.
Residential driveways and curb cuts — See Ch. 196.
Street excavations — See Ch. 199.
Scenic roads — See Ch. 245.
[Recodified ATM 3-8-1965 by Art. 14]
Notice of intention to lay out, alter or discontinue a Town way, in addition to any notice required by general law, shall be given by posting notices on the bulletin boards of the Town before the day of the hearing.
No person acting or purporting to act as a member of any Town board or committee shall file or cause to be filed with the County Commissioners a petition for the laying out and/or taking of any public way, or signify other than their disapproval of such a petition by other citizens of the Town, unless the filing of such petition shall first have been approved at a Town Meeting.
The Selectmen, before granting a written permit to move a building in any public street or way in the Town, shall ascertain the destruction or injury of any shade or ornamental tree or shrubs or any fixture or ornament or utility standing in a street, way or enclosure adjoining the same which will be caused thereby; and if in such case, in the opinion of the Selectmen, such permission should be granted, they may require the person applying to give satisfactory security to any person owning such trees, shrubs or fixtures to indemnify him for any damage caused as aforesaid, before giving such permission. And any person or persons requesting such permission may be required by the Selectmen to give a bond satisfactory to them to indemnify the owner against any loss or damage occasioned by such moving.
No driveway or other access to a public street shall be constructed or altered at the point of intersection with such street unless a written permit is first obtained from the Superintendent of Streets. No building permit shall be issued for the construction of a new building or structure unless such access permit has first been obtained.
[Added ATM 5-6-1996 by Art. 17]
No person shall excavate any area within the limits of any public way in the Town unless a written permit is first obtained from the Board of Selectmen or its designee.
No person shall cultivate, plow, or plant any land within the limits of any public street or way in the Town.
No person shall throw any poster, handbill, flyer or advertising sheet around the public streets or public parks or offer any such paper to persons within the public streets or public parks without written permission from the Board of Selectmen.
No person shall post or paste or paint any advertisements or notice upon any tree, bridge, fence, wall, or in any place within the limits of a highway within the Town, other than a guidepost or pole used for the transmission of electricity.
[Amended ATM 5-7-2001 by Art. 24]
No person shall suffer any wood or coal or any cart or wagon or motorized vehicle to remain within the limits of any public way so as in any manner to obstruct the travel thereon, or for more than 24 hours after he has been notified by the Superintendent of Streets or any constable or police officer to remove the same.
No person shall suffer horses or grazing beasts or swine to run at large in the Town.
No person shall permit any team under his care or control to stand across any public highway or street in the Town in such a manner as to obstruct the travel over the same. No person shall stop with any team in any such public highway or street so near to another team as to obstruct public travel.
No person shall by any noise, gesture or other means wantonly and designedly frighten any horse in any street or other public place in the Town.
The Selectmen may prohibit or restrict and regulate coasting and sliding upon any of the streets or highways of the Town.
No person shall play at any game of ball or football or throw balls or stones or snowballs within any of the streets of the Town.
No person shall, without permission of the Superintendent of Streets, deposit within any public street or way of the Town, or by the side thereof, any ashes, cinders, papers, tin cans, offal or rubbish or any waste matter whatsoever.
No person shall lay, throw, place or cause to be placed any snow or ice on any paved Town street or sidewalk so as to create a hazardous condition or public safety concern. It shall be a violation of this article if the owner of any property from which such snow or ice has originated, having received notice from any public safety officer or a duly authorized agent or employee of the Town, shall fail to correct such hazardous condition or public safety concern as soon as reasonably practicable.
[Added ATM 5-6-1996 by Art. 18]
No person shall place in any street, roadway or Town way within the Town any broken glass, nails, tacks or other substances likely to injure the feet of persons or animals or the tires of bicycles or carriages.
No person shall, except in the performance of a legal duty, fire or discharge any gun, fowling piece or firearm, or make any bonfire in any street or public place in the Town.