City of Fitchburg, MA
Worcester County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Adopted as §§ 2-184 through 2-196 of the 1965 Code]
There is hereby created and established an Airport Commission for the City consisting of five members plus the Mayor, the President of the Council and the Commissioner of Public Works, who shall be ex officio members.
[Amended 6-2-1998 by Ord. No. 216-98]
The members of the Airport Commission shall be of lawful age and citizens of the United States, and at least four of the members, exclusive of the ex officio members, shall be residents of the City. At least one appointed member of the Commission shall be a resident of the South Fitchburg area or a member of the South Fitchburg Neighborhood Association.
The members of the Airport Commission who are not such by virtue of their office shall be appointed by the Mayor, subject to confirmation by the Council.
The present incumbents shall hold office until their terms expire or they are otherwise removed. As their terms expire, the Mayor shall appoint, subject to confirmation by the Council, a member for a period of three years to fill the vacancy which will be created in that year by expiration of term of appointment.
[Amended 6-3-2014 by Ord. No. 100-2014]
The Commission shall elect one of its members to be Chair of the Airport Commission and shall elect one of its members to be Secretary.
All of the members of the Airport Commission shall serve without pay.
Whenever a vacancy shall occur in the Airport Commission, it shall be filled in the same manner as provided for the regular appointment of members, except that the member appointed to fill the vacancy shall be appointed to serve the unexpired term.
The Airport Commission shall have control, supervision and management of all landing fields and airports owned, maintained and operated by the City. It shall have charge of the erection, repair and maintenance of all buildings and structures necessary for the use of the airports and landing fields of the City or provided under its supervision for the use of the public. It may establish all reasonable rules and regulations for the management, maintenance, control, operation and regulation of landing fields and airports under its control. It shall issue permits for the use of any property under its jurisdiction and regulate all charges made to the public in the operation of the landing fields, airports or any concession on property under the control of the Commission. It shall make recommendations to the Council regarding the height and bulk of buildings or other structures erected in the vicinity of landing fields and airports under its control and may make, with the approval of the Mayor and the Council, all leases or contracts to carry out the object and purposes of the Commission in connection with landing fields and airports of the City. It shall select suitable locations for any additional landing fields and airports and submit the same to the Mayor and Council for approval.
The Commission shall have general and exclusive charge, control and management of all airports and landing fields acquired or dedicated to airport purposes and which may hereafter be acquired or dedicated to airport purposes of the City. It shall have sole charge of the preservation, development and equipment of such airports and landing fields.
The Commission shall have such other powers as are herein prescribed or may be necessary hereunder for the proper discharge of its duties.
Provisions shall be made in the annual City budget for an appropriation to cover the needs of the Airport Commission as determined by the Mayor and the Council upon recommendation made by the Airport Commission.
The Airport Commission shall annually make a written report to the Council about the work of the Commission during the preceding year. The report shall be certified by the Commission and filed with the City Clerk and published in such manner as the Council may direct. The Commission shall also make such other reports as the Mayor or the Council may from time to time require.
The Airport Commission shall, on the first business day of each month, file with the Auditor and the City Treasurer a report giving the date of collection or receipt and amounts of all moneys collected or received by the Commission from the use of the airport, landing fields or other property under the control of the Commission and shall daily pay to the City Treasurer all moneys so collected.
The Airport Commission shall make and alter from time to time all needful rules and regulations for the maintenance of order, safety and decency in airports and landing fields, the prevention of depredation therein or misuse of the same and the protection and preservation of airports and landing fields, and shall affix penalties for disobedience thereto, which rules and regulations shall have the force of ordinances of the City; provided that no such rule or regulation shall be of any effect unless it shall have been first approved by the Council and then published at full length in one or more of the daily newspapers published in the City, and also printed and posted in conspicuous places within the limits of the airports and landing fields to which such regulation is intended to apply.
The Airport Commission, with the approval of the Council, shall have power, in the name and on behalf of the City, to procure by gift, purchase, lease, exchange or other contract, or by condemnation, real property for the purpose of providing airports or the enlarging of existing airports; provided that no expenditure shall be made in excess of the amount previously appropriated for such purpose.
The Airport Commission may employ, subject to the approval of the Mayor and the Council, such persons as it may deem necessary for work to be done at the landing fields or airports of the City, and may, with the approval of the Mayor and the Council, fix the compensation of such persons.