Town of Southwick, MA
Hampden County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
The following is a chronological listing of votes at Town Meeting pertaining to the acquisition and acceptance of real estate, sale of land, building of schools, etc. in the Town of Southwick. Consult municipal records for more detailed information regarding these votes.
Adoption Date/ Art. No.
STM May 1901
Acquire 4 acres of land from F.D. Lambson
ATM 4-2-1906/28
Acquire piece of land for playground for District No. 3
ATM 3-25-1912/27
Conveyance of approximately 60 acres to Clifford E. Kellogg, which was acquired by foreclosure 1-7-1870
ATM 3-30-1914/34
Discharge of mortgage given by George Wood and Stephen Nash
STM 9-5-1917/2
Build a schoolhouse in the Point Grove section
STM 6-9-1919/1
Construct, purchase, lease and maintain a plant for the distribution of electricity
STM 11-21-1923/1
Convey tract of land of 2,600 square feet to First Congregational Church of Southwick
ATM 3-31-1924/20
Build centralized school; petition Legislature for authority to issue bonds
ATM 3-1-1926/45
Extend electric light lines on Vining Hill Road (amended STM 12-8-1926/Art. 2)
STM 10-26-1926/4
Extend electric light lines (amended STM 12-8-1926/Art. 1)
STM 5-5-1927/1
Build centralized school for a cost of not to exceed $70,000
STM 4-9-1928/3
Acquire by eminent domain or otherwise a parcel of land of approximately 5 acres to build a school
STM 6-28-1929/2
Turn back other school buildings which have not previously been disposed of, but not including the Dickinson Grammar School
STM 7-25-1930/2
Selectmen authorized to sell gravel pit on Sheep Pasture Road
STM 4-22-1931/2
Sale of electrical lighting plant and system (approved by vote on the Question No. 1 at STM 6-24-1931)
STM 10-9-1931/8
Cemetery Trustees authorized to buy back certain vacated parcel
STM 9-29-1932/6
Selectmen authorized to negotiate a lien on part of Eugene Nash's property for a town dump
ATM 3-15-1937/47
School Committee authorized to dispose of pump, water tanks and accessories
STM 1-20-1938/3
Cemetery Committee authorized to set aside certain section for burial of recipients of old age assistance
ATM 3-20-1944/51
Selectmen authorized to dispose of Dickinson Grammar School Building
STM 4-5-1946/4
Appropriation for construction of an office building and one to house equipment
STM 5-9-1946/2
Selectmen authorized to acquire primary school building and land on Depot Street
STM 9-9-1947/2
Money transferred to buy or take by eminent domain such land on Point Grove Road Extension to make it a public road
STM 6-30-1949/1
Addition to school
ATM 3-20-1950/58
Selectmen authorized to convey deed in exchange for parcel of land to be conveyed to the town
ATM 3-20-1950/64
Money appropriated to take by eminent domain a parcel on Vining Hill Road to make a better approach
ATM 3-20-1950/65
Selectmen authorized to convey parcel to American Legion Post 338
STM 8-24-1950/10
Parcel of land given by Raymond G. Griffin accepted
STM 7-29-1952/8
Money appropriated for purchase or taking by eminent domain certain parcel for construction of Feeding Hills Road
ATM 2-10-1953/1
Parcel owned by Roscoe Gardner on Powdermill Road accepted for purpose of building a school
STM 3-17-1953/46
Selectmen authorized to sell Dickinson School plot to Congregational Church
STM 4-15-1953/5
Money appropriated to purchase or take by eminent domain parcel owned by Roscoe Gardner to build junior high school
STM 11-8-1956/12
Money appropriated for constructing and equipping elementary school building
STM 9-17-1957/1
Money appropriated for constructing and equipping elementary school building
STM 12-16-1958
Town to acquire parcel for schoolhouse purposes from Lenk and Gallant (rescinded STM 9-25-1959/1)
STM 9-25-1959/2
Money appropriated for purchase of parcel for schoolhouse and grounds purposes
STM 9-25-1959/5
Voted to sell 1/4 interest in land at corner of Prospect and Spring Streets in North Brookfield
STM 10-15-1959/1
Money appropriated for construction and equipping a high school addition
ATM 3-21-1960/18
Board of Selectmen authorized to sell property in back of the library
ATM 3-18-1963/14
Selectmen authorized to sell a right-of-way at northwest corner of town property on Granville Road, west of the library, to provide access to abutting land
ATM 3-16-1964/27
Parcel of land conveyed being portion of town property on Granville Road, west of the library
ATM 3-15-1965/24
Accept a gift of a piece of land on Berkshire Avenue from Elizabeth M. and J. Henry Tetreault
ATM 3-15-1965/25
Accept a gift of a piece of land on Fred Jackson Road from Helen Jemiolo and Calvin J. Arnold
ATM 3-15-1965/34
Selectmen authorized to execute a lease to Firemen's Association for a piece of land near town building
STM 5-10-1965/4
Money appropriated for addition to Woodland School
STM 1-23-1967/2
Money appropriated for purchase of General Cigar property
STM 1-23-1967/3
Money appropriated for purchase of Buynicki property
ATM 3-20-1967/19
Money appropriated for purchase of parcel of land owned by Towar M. Arnold located on corner of Sheep Pasture and Point Grove Roads
ATM 3-20-1967/30
Money appropriated and Board of Water Commissioners authorized to purchase 28.5 acres (Roy G. Buckingham) for a water supply well site
ATM 3-20-1967/31
Money appropriated and Board of Water Commissioners authorized to purchase 5.5 acres (Frank E.Pollard) for a water supply well site
ATM 3-20-1967/32
Money appropriated and Board of Water Commissioners authorized to purchase 20.5 acres (Henry T. Worchol) for a water supply well site
ATM 3-20-1967/36
Selectmen authorized to sell land southeasterly of land owned by Izenstein and Holcomb
STM 11-7-1967/6
Selectmen authorized to enter into an agreement to permit Public Access Board to construct a boat ramp and parking
ATM 3-18-1968/32
Acquire property for schoolhouse and grounds
STM 4-22-1968/1
Selectmen authorized to sell parcel of land to Samuel and Joseph Izenstein
STM 4-22-1968/3
Buynicki and General Cigar parcels to be used for greenbelt and conservatory district purposes
ATM 3-17-1969/14
Accept conveyance of parcel of land from Lester H. Sleeper
STM 10-8-1969/8
Money appropriated for construction of new high school building (Emergency Finance Board approved borrowing 11-12-1969)
STM 10-8-1969/8
Construction and furnishing of high school
ATM 3-16-1970/16
Money appropriated for purchase of parcel of land to widen intersection of Babb Road with Point Grove Road
STM 12-13-1971/3
Addition to town offices
ATM 3-18-1974/12
Release title to Bridge S-22-3 to commonwealth
ATM 3-18-1974/8
Accept parcel of land as gift from Doris Valenti on westerly side of town building
STM 9-30-1974/8
Money appropriated and transferred to Ira Bates Property Settlement Account regarding 3 parcels
STM 9-9-1976/10
Water Commissioners authorized to acquire water storage tank site and related easements
ATM 4-10-1979/18
Parcel of land accepted from Granaudo Estates, Inc. on Granaudo Circle
ATM 4-10-1979/19
Acquire land of Marvin D. Lambson for conservation purposes
STM 2-26-1980/2
Purchase a site for the construction of a refuse transfer station
STM 3-26-1981/8
Money appropriated to participate in preparation of town-wide facilities plan conforming to Federal Clean Water Act
STM 12-9-1982/2
Gift of a deed accepted from A.L. Peabody, the same premises as conveyed by Vincent and Julia Lamothe
STM 6-19-1986/9
Return custody of rooms in Consolidated School to School Committee
STM 4-21-1987/2
Agreement with City of Springfield for capital improvements to landfill
STM 5-19-1987/6
Money appropriated for purchase of a parcel of land of 2 acres owned by Charles A. Nutter
ATM 4-19-1988/26
Selectmen authorized to convey a parcel of land on Klaus Anderson Road containing about 7,975 square feet
STM 9-28-1989/6
Purchase of real estate from Ernest F. Lombardi on Beach Road ratified and confirmed
STM 9-28-1989/8
Money appropriated for furnishing and improvement of bathhouse, park and beach facilities on Beach Road
STM 11-20-1991/10
Transfer to Board of Selectmen real estate in Congamond Heights of about 18,000 square feet for purpose of being sold
STM 11-19-1992/6
Ratification of lease indenture between town and Congregational Society
STM 6-7-1994/3
Appropriation for sewerage facilities
ATM 4-18-1995/18
Transfer of custody and control of real estate on Berkshire Avenue to the Park and Recreation Commission for park and recreational purposes
STM 6-22-1995/1
Appropriation for sewerage facilities
STM 6-28-1995
Money appropriated for construction of a replacement water main on College Highway
STM 12-12-1995/10
Money appropriated for construction and equipping additions and for remodeling, reconstruction and repairs to the Consolidated School
STM 11-26-1996/5
Money appropriated for designing and engineering Phase One of a bike/hike trail; acceptance of a gift of the former Conrail right-of-way
STM 3-13-1997/8
Financing of water main replacement work
STM 3-13-1997/9
Enter into a ten-year lease of about 27,781 square feet of land for construction and operation of a municipal parking area off Point Grove Road
ATM 5-20-1997/8
Money appropriated for the construction of a new public safety building
STM 11-19-1997/6
Money appropriated for design, engineering and replacement of North and South Pond culverts
STM 11-19-1997/7
Transfer of funds for the purchase of a rescue truck for the Fire Department
STM 11-19-1997/8
Transfer of funds for architectural fees for construction of new public safety building
STM 11-19-1997/9
Acquisition of land located off Juniper Road
ATM 5-19-1998/9
Money appropriated for construction and equipping of a new public safety complex
ATM 5-19-1998/11
Money appropriated for financing water pollution abatement facility projects
STM 5-19-1998/6
Money appropriated and transferred for design and engineering of Phase Two of a bike/hike trail
STM 11-18-1998/9
Acquisition by gift of land for park and playground purposes
STM 7-10-2001/1
Acquisition by gift of land for conservation, open space and passive recreation purposes
STM 3-14-2002/7
Acquisition of land for a public works facility
STM 3-14-2002/8
Acquisition of property at Mort Vining and Lincoln Roads for conservation and passive recreation purposes
STM 3-14-2002/9
Acquisition of property at Honey Pot and North Loomis Roads for conservation and passive recreation purposes
STM 5-21-2002/17
Financing costs of constructing waterlines on Congamond Road, Sheep Pasture and Berkshire Avenue
STM 4-6-2005/9
Acquisition of property on Pearl Brook Road and Hidden Place for easement purposes
STM 1-9-2006/15
Acquisition of property on Congamond Road for construction of a culvert
STM 12-11-2006/11
Acquisition of former railroad right-of-way
ATM 5-15-2007/29
Acquisition of property on Congamond Road for an odor control injection station
STM 5-17-2005/3
Acquisition of property located off of College Highway for conservation purposes
STM 3-16-2009/4
Purchase of 43.34 acres at 5 Rising Corners for the purpose of preserving an historical landmark and for the preservation of open space
ATM 5-19-2009/7
Purchase of parcel of land and structures at 661 College Highway for use as a Department of Public Works site and garage
STM 3-2-2010/11
Purchase of real estate located at 661 College Highway