Town of Southwick, MA
Hampden County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
The following is an alphabetical listing of the Town of Southwick officers, boards, committees and commissions not established by bylaw nor provided for under statute. Consult municipal records for a more detailed description of the action. Names of committees or boards which are not capitalized indicate that the article under which it was adopted did not specifically name the committee or board; the editor supplied the name for organizational purposes.
Adoption Date/Art. No.
Acceptance of ways committee
STM 7-13-1934/3
Committee of 5 to investigate accepting unimproved private ways
Acceptance of ways committee
STM 11-21-1947/4
Committee of 5 to investigate possibility of accepting certain roads
Acceptance of ways committee
ATM 3-21-1950/24
Committee of 5 to investigate accepting certain roads
Agricultural Commission
STM 1-9-2006/11
Commission of 7 to encourage pursuit of agriculture, promote agriculture-based economic activities, address agricultural issues, work for preservation of prime agricultural lands and pursue initiatives for creating a sustainable agricultural community
Assessors, Board of
STM 12-13-1971/19
Increase membership to 5
Assessors, Board of
ATM 4-19-1988/17
Decrease from 5 to 3 members (MGL C. 41, §§ 1 and 2)
Audit committee
ATM 3-6-1933/42
Committee of 3 to investigate making change in way books and accounts are audited
Auditor, Town
ATM 3-16-1954/37
Position abolished; Selectmen authorized to appoint Town Accountant
Board of Health
ATM 4-20-1976/9
Board of 3 members for 3-year terms
Board of Health Study Committee
STM 4-22-1975/8
Committee of 7 to investigate creation separate Board of Health apart from Board of Selectmen
Building Committee
STM 4-21-1928/2
Committee of 5 for centralized building project
Building Committee
STM 7-29-1952/2
7 members to obtain preliminary drawings and estimates for erection of new school building
Building Committee
STM 10-11-1955/3
Committee to have authority to enter into contracts for purpose of obtaining estimates for building new elementary school
Building Site Committee
ATM 3-31-1924/20
Consists of Selectmen, School Committee and 3 others to find suitable site for centralized school (dismissed STM 7-20-1927/Art. 5)
Building Site Committee
STM 7-20-1927/5
Committee of 5 to report on sites for new school building
Building Study Committee
ATM 3-22-1955/50
Committee of 7
Bylaw Committee Bylaw Committee
ATM 3-27-1916/31 STM 5-6-1924/3
Committee of 5 to formulate a set of bylaws Selectmen Committee and 3 others authorized to formulate bylaws for presentation to Town Meeting
Bylaw Committee
ATM 3-7-1932/56
Investigate making amendments to bylaws
Bylaw Committee
STM 12-18-1936/3
Committee of 5 to recommend revisions to bylaws
Bylaw Committee
STM 5-28-1937/3
Committee authorized to construct and print new bylaws
Bylaw Committee
STM 4-5-1946/5
Committee to study and update bylaws
Building Committee
STM 7-29-1952/2
Committee of 7 to enter into contracts for purpose of obtaining preliminary drawings, etc., for new school
Cemetery Commission
ATM 3-17-1959/39
Discontinue electing Commissioners and elect a Commission of 3
Cemetery committee
Committee of 3 to act with Selectmen regarding buying land for cemetery
Cemetery Trustees
STM 8-28-1945/1
Trustees changed to Cemetery
Commissioners Clerk, Town
ATM 3-21-1938/51
Term of office changed from 3 years to 1 year
Clerk, Town
STM 4-5-1946/1
Term of office changed from 1 year to 3 years
Clerk, Treasurer, Tax Collector
STM 6-20-1930/3
Term of office to be 3 years
Clerk, Treasurer, Tax Collector
STM 12-14-1970/6
Petition Legislature to allow appointment
Committee of ten
STM 12-30-1911/III
Committee of 10 appointed to attend the legislative hearing of the trolley bill in Boston
Computer Selection Committee
ATM 4-16-1985/14
Committee of 5
Computer study Committee
ATM 6-11-1981/23
Committee of 7 to study purchase or rental of a computerized system
Council on Aging
STM 12-10-1968/1
Council of 7 appointed
Data Processing Study Committee
ATM 4-17-1984/17 `
Committee of 7 to study data and word processing needs of town and School Department
Dickinson Grammar School committee
STM 6-28-1929/4
Committee of 7 to investigate retaining grammar school building
Dickinson School Fund Trustees, Board of
ATM 3-17-1959/43
Discontinue electing Trustees and elect Board of 3 persons
Dump study committee
STM 8-5-1932/4
Investigate advisability of procuring town dump
Electric Light Commission
ATM 3-29-1920/25
3 members
Equipment storage committee
STM 3-28-1930/1,2
Investigate finding quarters for town equipment
Executive Secretary
STM 8-13-1963/6
Selectmen authorized to employ
Executive Secretary investigative committee
ATM 3-19-1962/9
Committee of 5 to study office of Executive Secretary to Board of Selectmen
Fence Viewers
ATM 3-16-1948/52
Selectmen given authority to appoint
Finance Committee
ATM 3-17-1959/42
Committee of 5 appointed by Moderator
Franklin Regional Transit Authority
STM 6-19-1986/10
Voted to join
Government administration study committee
ATM 4-17-1984/16
Committee of 5 voters to study ways to improve the administration of town government
Health, Board of
ATM 4-27-1976/9
3 members (MGL C. 41, §§ 1 and 2)
High School Building Committee
STM 7-22-1958/5
Committee of 7 for purpose of obtaining estimates for addition to junior high school
High School Survey Committee
ATM 3-19-1957/22
Committee enlarged to include School Committee and 7 additional members
Historical Commission committee
ATM 4-19-1977/25
Committee to study possibility of establishing Historical Commission
Inspector of Wires
STM 8-24-1950/5
Appointed in accordance with MGL C. 166, § 32
Library expansion study committee
ATM 3-19-1973/16
Committee for expansion or rebuilding of library
Library Study Committee
ATM 4-19-1988/24
Selectmen to create committee to address library facility needs
Library Trustees
STM 10-13-1994/7
Increase number of Trustees to 6, said new Trustees to be elected in accordance with MGL C. 78, § 10 at the next annual town election
Light Board, Municipal
STM 8-2-1919/3
Selectmen to act as Light Board for purpose of constructing light plant
Lower Pioneer Valley Planning District
ATM 3-19-1962/11
Voted to join
Mosquito Control District (Hampden County)
STM 9-30-1974/10
Voted to exclude town from district
Municipal officers
ATE 4-14-1981/Q1
Indemnity insurance
Overseers of Poor committee
ATM 4-2-1900/26
Committee of 3 to act with Overseers of Poor to investigate establishing a town farm with Granville
Park Commission
STM 6-19-1986/12
Authorized to develop and maintain programs for recreational purposes
Park Commissioners, Board of
ATM 3-21-1960/19
5 members (MGL C. 45)
Park Commissioners, Board of
STM 12-11-1961/7
Authorized to exercise powers conferred by MGL C. 45, § 14, regarding use of land for public recreation (vote reaffirmed 6-19-1986/11)
Planning Board
STM 1-20-1938/4
5 members (MGL C. 41, §§ 81A to 81J, inclusive)
Playground and Recreation Board
STM 12-11-1961/8
Control of lakefront lot on Berkshire Avenue owned by the town transferred to Board of Park Commissioners
Public Works, Department of
ATM 4-21-1992/27
1991 Act of General Court
Regional School District Planning Committee
ATM 3-15-1971/20
3 members (MGL C. 71, § 14)
Regional School District Planning Committee
STM 3-26-1981/10
Appointed by Moderator in accordance with MGL C. 71, § 14
Regional School Committee
STM 12-7-1987/9
Committee of 3 appointed District Planning Moderator in accordance with MGL C. 71, § 14
Retirement study committee
ATM 3-19-1946/55
Committee to study voluntary contributory retirement system
School Building Committee
ATM 3-20-1967/23
Appointed to prepare plans for new school
School Committee
ATM 3-19-1957/23
Committee increased from 3 to 5 members
School Department teachers and employees
STM 12-4-1980/4
Filing of act with Legislature relative to funding salaries in July and August
School enlargement
ATM 3-16-1948/55
Committee of 4 to committee work with School Committee to study enlarging Consolidated School Building
School enrollment study committee
ATM 4-16-1985/13
Committee of 5 to study school enrollment needs
School Facilities Study Committee
STM 6-19-1986/6
Committee of 9 to study alternatives for additional space for educational needs
School regionalization committee
ATM 4-21-1987/15
Committee of 5 to investigate regionalization of Southwick schools
Select Board
STM 8-5-1932/3
Term of office established at 3 years
Select Board
ATM 3-15-1937/46
Authorize Select Board to administer Signs and Billboards Bylaw
Select Board
ATM 3-21-1938/49
Election for 1 year
Select Board
STM 4-5-1946/2
Term of office changed from 1 year to 3 years
Select Board
STM 9-28-1989/12
Select Board members authorized to send designee to vote on their behalf at meetings such as county and state functions
Select Board
ATM 5-17-2016/11
Change name of Board of Selectmen to "Select Board"; authorize amendments to references in Code accordingly
Sewer committee
STM 5-21-1942/2
Committee of 3 to investigate sewer situation on Depot Street
Special garage study
ATM 3-4-1935/45
Committee of 5 to committee investigate advisability of establishing a municipal garage
Tax Collector
STM 4-24-1941/2
To be Town Collector
Tax Collector
ATM 3-15-1943/44
To be Collector of Accounts
Tax Collector
STM 10-30-1945/3
Term to be 3 years
Tax Study Committee
STM 7-22-1958/9
Committee of 5 to study means of solving tax problem caused by high school construction
Tax Study Committee
STM 9-13-1973/4
Study feasibility of hiring consulting firm to assess property
Telephone System Study Committee
ATM 4-17-1984/18
Committee of 5 to study telephone needs of town
Town Hall study committee
STM 9-20-1935/3
Committee of 5 to investigate remodeling Town Hall building
Town office study
STM 8-28-1945/5
Committee to formulate committee for Town Office Building and Municipal Garage
Town Office Survey Committee
ATM 3-19-1957/48
Authorized to act as Building Committee to investigate costs of addition to Town Building for office space
STM 10-30-1945/4
Term to be 3 years
Treasurer and Collector
ATM 3-2-1936/48
Offices to appear separately on ballot
Treasurer and Collector
ATM 3-21-1938/50
Term of office changed from 3 years to 1 year
Tree Warden
ATM 3-17-1959/44
Selectmen to appoint annually
Water Commissioners, Board of
STM 7-18-1929/3
Chapter 360, Acts of 1929, Section 6
Water Department Manager
ATM 3-3-1930/45
Water Commissioners to appoint and fix salary
Water Development, Construction and Water Supply Committee
ATM 3-18-1968/27
Committee of 5 to 7 to investigate development of water supply system