Village of Carthage, NY
Jefferson County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Board of Trustees of the Village of Carthage 3-21-1983; as amended through 11-17-2003. Subsequent amendments noted where applicable.]
Article I Preface

§ A150-1 Preface.

Article II Village Board

§ A150-2 Policy adoption, amendment or deletion.

§ A150-3 Board meetings.

§ A150-4 Polling of Board members.

§ A150-5 Committees of the Board.

§ A150-6 Vacancies.

§ A150-7 Annual meeting.

§ A150-8 Claims and financial reports.

§ A150-9 Public information.

§ A150-10 Public access to records.

§ A150-11 Public participation.

§ A150-12 Affiliations.

§ A150-13 Public notices of meetings.

§ A150-14 Purchasing.

§ A150-15 Claims for payment.

§ A150-16 Signing of checks.

§ A150-17 Investment policy.

§ A150-17.1 Fund balance policy.

§ A150-18 Procurement policy.

§ A150-18.1 Best value policy.

§ A150-19 Drug-free workplace.

Article III Village Property

§ A150-20 Public use.

§ A150-20.1 Turning Point Park and waterfront properties.

§ A150-21 Disposal.

§ A150-22 Inspection for fire hazards.

§ A150-23 Inventories.

§ A150-24 Fixed-assets policy.

§ A150-25 Fire ramp parking.

Article IV Personnel

§ A150-26 Applicability; exclusions.

§ A150-27 Payments to employees and officials.

§ A150-28 Paid holidays.

§ A150-29 Longevity benefits.

§ A150-30 Working hours and days.

§ A150-31 Vacations.

§ A150-32 Other benefits.

§ A150-33 Salary or wage deductions.

§ A150-34 Jury duty.

§ A150-35 Bonding.

§ A150-36 Conflicts of interest.

§ A150-37 Fundraising.

§ A150-38 Confidentiality.

§ A150-39 Files.

§ A150-40 Physical examinations.

§ A150-41 Use of Village vehicles.

§ A150-42 Games of chance enforcement officer.

§ A150-43 Applications for employment.

§ A150-43.1 Harassment prohibited.

§ A150-44 Preferences in hiring.

§ A150-45 Civil service.

§ A150-46 Special employment.

§ A150-47 Hiring authorizations.

§ A150-48 Personal appearance.

§ A150-48.1 Complaints against Village employees.

§ A150-48.2 Equal employment opportunity policy statement.

§ A150-48.3 Medical insurance policy.

§ A150-48.4 Family Medical Leave Act.

§ A150-48.5 New York Paid Family Leave Act.

Article V Public Works

§ A150-49 Sewers.

§ A150-50 Water policies inside Village.

§ A150-51 Water policies outside Village.

§ A150-52 Water meters inside and outside Village.

§ A150-53 Water shutoffs.

§ A150-54 Swimming pools.

§ A150-55 Water and sewer bills.

§ A150-56 Snow removal.

§ A150-57 Sidewalks.

§ A150-58 Collection of leaves, etc.

§ A150-59 Interdepartmental cooperation.

§ A150-60 Ditches.

§ A150-61 Wood removal.

§ A150-62 Tree replacement.

§ A150-63 Cellar pumping.

Article VI Citizens' Notification Policy

§ A150-64 Purpose.

§ A150-65 Definitions.

§ A150-66 Statutory authority; purpose.

§ A150-67 Notification of breaches required.

§ A150-68 "Compromise of private information" defined.

§ A150-69 Applicability to encrypted data.

§ A150-70 Delay of notification.

§ A150-71 Methods of notification.

§ A150-72 Notification of CSCIC.

§ A150-73 Notification of Attorney General and Consumer Protection Board.

§ A150-74 Contents of notice.

§ A150-75 Applicability to third-party information.

§ A150-76 Notification of consumer reporting agencies.

§ A150-77 Annual review of policy.

Article VII Police Department Backup Policy; Response to Jurisdiction Outside Village

§ A150-78 Policy.

§ A150-79 Purpose.

§ A150-80 Procedure.

Article VIII Smoking Policy

§ A150-81 Prohibition.

§ A150-82 Designated smoking areas; violations.

§ A150-83 Enforcement.

§ A150-84 Employee notification.

Article IX Identity Theft Prevention Program

§ A150-85 Program adoption.

§ A150-86 Program purpose; definitions.

§ A150-87 Identification of red flags.

§ A150-88 Detecting red flags.

§ A150-89 Preventing and mitigating identity theft.

§ A150-90 Program updates.

§ A150-91 Program administration.

Article X Credit Cards and Electronic Financial Transactions

§ A150-92 Payments to Village; payments by Village.