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Town of LeRay, NY
Jefferson County
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The purpose of the MHO Manufactured Home Overlay District is to provide opportunities for housing in the Town of LeRay that is accessible to a range of incomes. The overlay requires that new manufactured housing be constructed in a manner consistent with the character of existing rural areas, while using design best practices that minimize the disturbance to and loss of agricultural lands and the negative impacts upon the district's rural character.
Manufactured homes within the Manufactured Home Overlay District shall meet the standards of this article in addition to applicable standards contained within this chapter and Chapter 135 of the Town of LeRay Code.
Permitted uses within the Manufactured Home Overlay District include all uses permitted administratively, via site plan approval or through the issuance of a special use permit, within the underlying zoning district, and the following additional uses:
Uses permitted administratively:
Manufactured home.
The following dimensional requirements apply only to manufactured home uses on lots within the Manufactured Home Overlay District:
Setback distances.
Front yard building setback:
Minimum: 40 feet from public roads.
Rear yard building setback:
Minimum: 20 feet.
Minimum for lots abutting a nonresidential district or use: 40 feet.
Side yard building setback:
Minimum: 10 feet.
Minimum for lots abutting a nonresidential district or use: 20 feet.
Flag lots shall be required to meet requirements pursuant to § 135-18.
Minimum lot area and frontage requirements.
Residential uses: one acre; 0.5 acre with municipal water and sewer.
Minimum lot frontage:
Lots with water and sewer: 100 feet.
All other lots: 150 feet.
Stem width for flag lots shall not be less than 30 feet.
Minimum gross floor area (GFA) requirements.
Single-story single-family dwellings: 900 square feet.
Maximum building height: 35 feet.
Maximum impervious surface coverage: 35% of total lot area.
Maximum development density:
The maximum dwelling unit density for a subdivision which creates greater than or equal to three additional lots shall not exceed four units per acre.
Dwelling unit density shall be calculated from the aggregate total area subdivided from the parent parcel, inclusive of common property, rights-of-way, and easements necessary to effectuate such subdivision pursuant to the regulations of this chapter and Chapter 135.
Manufactured home uses within the Manufactured Home Overlay District shall meet design standards and regulations as stated in the underlying zoning, in addition to those in Article XIV.