Town of Lexington, MA
Middlesex County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Annual meetings and regular meetings of the Authority shall be held at such time and place as may be originally designated or subsequently changed by resolution adopted by the Authority at any regular or special meeting. All meetings shall be held at the office of the Authority in the absence of the specific designation of some other meeting place in any such resolution. In the event that the date of any annual or regular meeting as provided in any such resolution shall fall on a Sunday or a legal holiday, the meeting shall be held on the next succeeding secular day at the place and time designated in the resolution.
Annual meetings of the Authority shall be held without notice for the purposes of electing officers and receiving the annual report of the Executive Director and for the conduct of such other business as may come before the meeting.
Regular meetings of the Authority shall be held without notice at least once in each calendar month for the transaction of the business of the Authority.
The Chairman of the Authority may, when he deems it expedient, and shall, upon the written request of two members of the Authority, call a special meeting of the Authority for the purpose of transacting any business designated in the call. The call for a special meeting may be delivered to any member of the Authority or may be mailed to his business or home address at least two days prior to the date of such special meeting. At such special meeting, no business shall be considered other than as designated in the notice, but if all the members of the Authority are present at a special meeting, any and all business may be transacted at such special meeting.
The powers of the Authority shall be vested in the members thereof in office from time to time. Three members shall constitute a quorum for the purpose of conducting its business and exercising its powers and for all other purposes, but a smaller number may meet and adjourn from time to time until a quorum is obtained. At least 12 hours' notice of the time and place of holding such adjourned meeting shall be given to all members who were not present at the meeting from which adjournment was taken. When a quorum is in attendance, action may be taken by the Authority upon a vote of a majority of the members present.
At the regular meetings of the Authority, the following shall be the order of business:
Roll call.
Reading and approval of the minutes of the previous regular meeting and any intervening special meeting.
Bills and communications.
Report of the Executive Director.
Reports of committees.
Unfinished business.
New business.
All resolutions shall be in writing and there shall be copies in a minute book of the Authority.
All questions coming before the Authority shall be presented in the form of motions or resolutions chronologically numbered. The vote on all resolutions shall be by roll call, and each resolution and motion shall be entered in full upon the minutes of the meeting. For all resolutions, the ayes and nays shall be recorded.