Village of Munsey Park, NY
Nassau County
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Any nonconforming use existing at the time of the adoption of this chapter may be continued, and any existing building designed, arranged, intended or devoted to a nonconforming use may be reconstructed or structurally altered, and the nonconforming use therein changed, subject to the following regulation and limitations:
The cost of structural alterations made in such building shall in no case exceed 50% of the assessed value of such land and building, nor shall the building be enlarged unless the use therein is changed to a conforming use.
No nonconforming use shall be extended at the expense of a conforming use.
No building or premises devoted to a use permitted in a district of lower classification shall be changed to a use excluded in such district of lower classification.
No nonconforming use if once changed to use permitted in the district in which it is located shall ever be changed back to a nonconforming use.
If a nonconforming use is discontinued for more than six months, such nonconforming classification shall be forfeited and the building shall comply in all aspects to the Code requirements in effect at the time of such discontinuance.
[Added 12-13-1989 by L.L. No. 4-1989]