Village of Perry, NY
Wyoming County
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No connections shall be made to a sanitary or to a combined sewer which connections are intended to discharge inflow. Such prohibited connections include, but are not limited to, footing drains, roof leaders, roof drains, cellar drains, sump pumps, catch basins, uncontaminated cooling water discharges, or other sources of inflow.
For properties where separate storm sewers are available within 100 feet of the property line or where, in the judgment of the Superintendent, sufficient natural drainage is available, connections which contribute inflow to the sanitary sewers must be disconnected in a fashion approved by the Superintendent, prior to the sale of the property.
[Amended 8-6-2007 by L.L. No. 2-2007]
Upon notice from the Tax Assessor, the Superintendent shall inspect any newly sold property for the purpose of determining if storm sewers or natural drainage is available and, if so, if all connections which contribute inflow have been disconnected.
The Village shall inspect all properties within its jurisdiction when a property is sold and/or there is a transfer of ownership and the recording of a deed in the Wyoming County Clerk's office.
Any illegal sources of inflow must be corrected and conform to this chapter before the transfer can be completed.
All inspections must be completed before any water or sewer services will be transferred to the new owner.
Cost of said inspection shall be $50.
One reinspection shall be at no charge, with each additional inspection thereafter at a cost of $50 per visit.
A $50 check or money order shall accompany said application.[1]
Editor's Note: The application form for sewer inflow source inspection is available at the Village Clerk's office.
All water and or sewer billings must be satisfied before any transfer of services will be made. If they are not satisfied and paid in full, any balance will be the responsibility of the new owner.
Upon satisfactorily complying with this chapter, a certificate of compliance will be issued and shall be effective for 12 months.
It shall be a willful violation of this chapter for any person to reconnect any inflow source which has been disconnected pursuant to this article.
The Superintendent is enabled to take whatever action is necessary to determine the amount of inflow, including the requirement for installation of a control manhole. The property from which the inflow originated shall be billed for inflow according to Article XII; however, the Village Board may cause a surcharge at a rate not to exceed five times that for normal sewage volume charge.