Town of Woodstock, NY
Ulster County
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The general use regulations in each zoning district are set forth in the Schedule of Use Regulations.[1] This schedule is supplemented, as appropriate, by other provisions of this chapter.
Editor's Note: The Schedule of Use Regulations is included at the end of this chapter.
Any use which is not listed specifically as a permitted, special permit or accessory use in the schedule shall be considered a prohibited use under this chapter.
In the HC and NC Districts, the term "use," as set forth in the Schedule of Use Regulations, shall apply to the type of activity listed under the column headed "Structure/Land Use" without limitations as to the number of establishments devoted to such activity.
[Added 10-11-2011 by L.L. No. 6-2011]
[Amended 7-31-2012 by L.L. No. 1-2012]
Prohibited industrial uses. In any district where manufacturing or light industry is permitted, no manufacturing use, nor any trade, industry use or purpose that is noxious or offensive by reason of the emission of odor, dust, vibration, or excessive light, or any combination of the above, which is dangerous and prejudicial to the public health, safety and general welfare, shall be permitted. This includes more specifically, but is not limited to, the following such uses:
Acetylene gas manufacture for commercial purposes
Ammonia, chlorine or bleaching powder manufacture
Asphalt manufacture or refining
Blast furnaces, not including cupola or converter furnaces used in foundries and in which no wood is used as fuel
Boiler shops, structural steel fabricating shops, metalworking shops, which operate reciprocating hammers or chisels or other noise-producing electric or pneumatic tools within 100 feet of any boundary line of the premises and outside of any masonry buildings
Brewing or distilling of liquors
Bronze and aluminum powder manufacture
Carbon, lampblack, shoe blacking, graphite, or stove polish manufacture
Celluloid and other cellulose products manufacture
Cement manufacture
Coal tar products manufacture
Creosote treatment or manufacture
Distillation of coal, wood or bones
Dump, unless leased, owned or operated by the Town of Woodstock or operated pursuant to license or other agreement with the Town of Woodstock
Excelsior and fiber manufacture
Explosives, fireworks or match manufacture, assembling and storage in bulk of safety matches in book form
Fat rendering
Fertilizer manufacture or potash refining
Fish smoking or curing
Glue, size or gelatin manufacture or processing involving recovery from fish or animal offal
Incinerator, unless operated by the Town of Woodstock
Junkyard, except pursuant to local law
Lime, gypsum, cement, plaster, or plaster of paris manufacture, except the mixing of plaster
Linoleum or oil cloth manufacture
Ore reduction or the smelting of iron, copper, tin, zinc, or lead
Paint, oil, varnish, turpentine, shellac, or enamel manufacture, except the mixing of wet paints
Perfume and extract manufacture
Petroleum refining
Poisons manufacture: fumigants, carbon disulphide, hydrocyanic acid, ethyl, stomach poisons, arsenate of lead, arsenate of calcium, hellebore and paris green, insecticides, defoliants and herbicides, lime, sulphur, nicotine, and kerosene emulsions
Printing ink manufacture
Radium extraction, or extraction or refining of any substance which emits ionizing radiation
Rubber, caoutchouc, or gutta percha manufacture from crude or scrap material, except in connection with a rubber products manufacture plant
Salt works
Sandpaper and emery cloth manufacture
Slaughtering of animals, except for immediate consumption on premises or immediate retail sale
Soap, soda ash, or washing compound manufacture, except products not containing caustic soda
Starch, glucose, or dextrine manufacture
Storage, coloring, curing, dressing, or tanning of raw or green salted hides or skins
Sulphurous, sulphuric, nitric, picric, or hydrochloric acid or other corrosive or offensive acid manufacture, or their use or storage, except on a limited scale as accessory to a permitted industry
Tallow, grease, lard or mass candle manufacture or refining
Tar distillation or the manufacture of aniline dyes
Tar roofing or waterproofing manufacture
Tobacco processing
Vinegar, pickle or sauerkraut manufacture in bulk
Yeast manufacture
In any district, no land in the Town of Woodstock shall be used:
To conduct any exploration for natural gas; to drill any well for natural gas; to transfer, store, process, treat natural gas; to dispose of natural gas exploration or production wastes; to erect any derrick, building, or other structure; or to place any machinery or equipment for any such purposes;
For the storage, transfer, treatment and/or disposal of natural gas exploration and production materials and/or wastes;
For natural gas extraction support activities;
For importation for any purpose of wastes resulting from natural gas exploration or extraction.
No person, firm or corporation shall operate or cause to be operated any aircraft, as defined in § 260-123 of this chapter, on or from any land or waters within the Town of Woodstock, except:
When required for military or governmental purposes, or for medical or police emergencies; or
When specifically authorized by the Town Board; or
At an airport or heliport established prior to January 6, 1966.