Borough of Greencastle, PA
Franklin County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Whenever a person purchasing all water used from the Water Authority discharges sanitary sewage and/or industrial wastes into the sewer system, the volume of water used, as determined from meter readings of the Borough, shall be used in computing the sewer rental.
In cases where persons have sources of water supply in addition to or other than from the Water Authority and discharge sanitary sewage and/or industrial wastes into the sewer system, those persons shall provide a meter on such additional or other source of supply. The total amount of water consumed as shown by these meter readings will be used in computing the sewer rental.
In cases where persons use water from the Water Authority and/or from an independent supply such that all or any part of the water so used is not discharged into the sewer system, the quantity of water used to determine the sewer rental shall be computed by one of the following methods:
By placing a meter or measuring device on the sewer connection. The readings from this meter or measuring device shall be used in computing the sewer rental.
By placing a meter or measuring device on the effluent not discharging into the sewer system. The readings from this meter or measuring device will then be deducted from the total water meter readings and the remainder will be used in computing the sewer rental.
When, in the opinion of the sewer manager, it is not practical to install measuring devices to continuously determine the quantity of water not discharged to the sewer system, the sewer manager will determine, in such manner and by such method as he may prescribe, the percentage of metered water discharged into the sewer system and the quantity of water used to compute the sewer rental shall be the percentage so determined of the quantity measured by the water meter or meters. Any dispute as to the estimated amount shall be submitted to the Council after notice of the estimate, whose decision on the matter shall be final for the current calendar year.
In cases where the Borough provides sanitary sewage services to a person or persons, user or users, and corporation or corporations, hereinafter generally referred to as "user," by accepting sanitary sewage from a main or pipe which is the terminus or end of a sanitary sewer collection system of such user, the user shall install a meter or measuring device for the purpose of measuring the quantity of sanitary sewage discharged from said sanitary sewer collection system into the Borough main and shall be responsible for the maintenance thereof, subject to the provisions of this chapter.
All meters or measuring devices not provided by the Water Authority but required to be used under the provisions of this chapter shall be furnished and installed by the property owner and shall be under the control of the Borough, and may be tested, inspected or repaired by Borough employees whenever Council deems necessary. The owner of the property upon which such measuring device is installed shall be responsible for its maintenance and safekeeping, and all repairs thereto shall be made at the property owner's expense, whether such repairs are made necessary by ordinary wear and tear or other causes. Bills for such repairs, if made by the Borough, shall be due and payable at the same time and collected in the same manner as are the bills for sewer services; such bills from and after their due date shall constitute a lien upon the property upon which such measuring device is installed.
Borough shall be responsible for the reading of all meters or measuring devices, and they shall be made available to Borough employees for meter reading at any reasonable time.
The above connection fees set forth in this chapter shall be payable upon application for permit to make such connection. Sewer rentals or charges shall be billed and paid quarterly.
Quarterly charges for sewer service shall be subject to 10% penalty if not paid within 30 days after they are due. If not paid, the Borough shall have the right to cut off sewer service from the delinquent premises and not to restore the same until all delinquent bills against the same and the cost of cutting off and restoring service shall have been paid.
All persons connected to the sewer system must give the Borough their correct address. Failure to receive bills will not be considered an excuse for nonpayment nor permit an extension of the period during which bills are payable at face.
All sewer rentals, together with all penalties thereon, not paid on or before the end of one year from the date of each bill shall be deemed to be delinquent. All delinquent sewer rentals and all penalties thereon shall be a lien on the property served and shall be entered as a lien against such property in the office of the Prothonotary of Franklin County and shall be collected in the manner provided by law for the filing and collection of such liens.
The funds received by the Borough from the collection of the connection charges or from sewer rentals and all penalties thereon, as herein provided for, and any fines collected by the Borough in connection with the sewer system shall be segregated and kept separate and apart from all other funds of the Borough and shall be used only for the purpose of defraying the expenses of the Borough in the operation, maintenance, repair, alteration, inspection, depreciation or other expenses in relation to such sewer system and for such payments as Borough may be required to make under any lease or agreement it may enter into for and of, or in connection with, said sewer system, with the Authority, in accordance with the provisions of the Act of May 2, 1945, P.L. 382, as amended.
Whenever sewer service to any property begins after the first day or terminates before the last day of any calendar quarter, the sewer rentals for such period shall be a pro rata amount for that portion of the period during which said property is served; provided, however, that in making any such apportionment a fraction of a calendar month, amounting to 1/2 or more of a calendar month, shall be counted a full month, and a fraction of a calendar month amounting to less than 1/2 of a calendar month shall be disregarded.
The Borough reserves the right to, and may from time to time, adopt, revise, amend and readopt such rules and regulations, by resolution, as it deems necessary and proper for the use and operation of the sewer system, and all such rules and regulations shall be and become a part of and enforceable under this chapter.