Borough of Lake City, PA
Erie County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Borough Council of the Borough of Lake City 8-9-2004 by Ord. No. 363-04. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Code Enforcement Officer — See Ch. 3.
Sewers — See Ch. 52.
Water — See Ch. 70.
No home, residence, building or other contributor to the Lake City Borough sewage conveyance or treatment facilities shall make, allow or have a connection of roof downspouts, sump pump, groundwater, roof runoff, subsurface drainage, unpolluted industrial water or cooling water directly or indirectly into said conveyance or treatment facilities.
It shall be unlawful for any owner of real property in Lake City Borough, Erie County, Pennsylvania, whose property is connected to the Borough's public sanitary sewer system/public water system, to sell, convey, assign or transfer any real property or for any person to facilitate the sale, conveyance, assignment or transfer of any real property, by deed, agreement of sale or otherwise, or for any person not already an owner thereof to acquire an interest in any such real estate without first securing a certificate of inspection issued by Lake City Borough's Code Enforcement Officer, henceforth identified as the "Officer," or his designee, with respect to the real property being transferred, certifying that an inspection has been preformed relative to all of the rules and regulations of Lake City Borough relative to tapping into, discharging into or connection with the Borough's public sanitary sewer system and, if applicable, tap-in, metering and connection with the Borough's public water system.
Any such inspection and certificate as may be issued by Lake City Borough shall be pursuant to the inspection and is not intended to be an express or implied warranty or guarantee against the presence of any items of violation or noncompliance that were not apparent to Borough's Officer or his designee.
An application for a certificate of inspection shall be made to Lake City Borough, or its designee, on forms furnished by the Borough and shall be accompanied by a fee in such amount as Lake City Borough Council sets. The fee for the application and inspection required for a certificate of inspection, upon the effective date of this chapter, shall be $50 for both sewer and water inspections or $25 each if only a sewer or water inspection is required. In addition, should the Officer or his designee determine that additional services or tasks are necessary to perform the inspection, and out-of-pocket expenses are incurred by the Borough, the owner shall be responsible to pay said additional cost within 30 days of receipt of the invoice for said additional out-of-pocket expenses.
Upon receipt of a properly completed application for a certificate of inspection, the Lake City Borough Officer or his designee shall, within 10 calendar days, physically inspect the real property to be transferred and shall determine its compliance with the Borough rules and regulations relative to its connection to the public sanitary sewer system and public water system. If the Officer, as aforementioned, determines compliance, he shall immediately issue a certificate of inspection authorizing the transfer of the real estate. If the Officer determines noncompliance, he shall separately set forth each violation or items of noncompliance and the required remedial action in order for a certificate of inspection to be issued and shall promptly forward a copy of his findings to all parties in interest. Upon notification of the remedial action having been completed, the Officer shall, within two working days, reinspect the real estate to be transferred and, if in compliance, shall immediately issue a certificate of inspection. If upon reinspection the Officer determines that all necessary remedial action has not occurred, he shall identify that remedial action still required and shall promptly forward a copy of his findings to all parties in interest. No certificate of inspection shall be issued until all remedial action shall have been completed in a manner satisfactory to the Officer.
All customers of Lake City Borough sanitary sewer and water system shall allow the Borough or its designees access to any and all structures being provided such as sewer and/or water services for the purpose of inspection to determine compliance under this chapter.
Any person or persons aggrieved by a decision of the Officer may, within 30 days of being so aggrieved, file a written appeal of said decision to Lake City Borough Council. Said appeal shall be in writing and set forth, in reasonable detail, the proportionate decision by the Officer to which exceptions taken, the reason for the exception being taken and the proposed remedy. Upon receipt of an appeal, the Lake City Borough Council within 30 calendar days of receipt shall permit a hearing to be conducted during a regularly scheduled Council meeting. All appeal hearings shall be conducted in accordance with the local law.
The violation of any provision of this chapter shall be punishable in the manner set forth in the Lake City Borough Code.