Township of Middlesex, PA
Butler County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents

§ 175-199

§ 175-200
Authorized uses. 

§ 175-201
Area and bulk regulations. 

§ 175-202
Parking and loading. 

§ 175-203

§ 175-204
Performance standards. 

§ 175-205

§ 175-206
Screening and landscaping. 

§ 175-207
Vehicular access. 

§ 175-208
Steep slope controls. 

§ 175-199 Purpose.

The purpose of this district is to accommodate areas of moderate-intensity, single-family and multifamily residential development that complement existing residential development patterns and infrastructure availability.

§ 175-200 Authorized uses.

In the R-2 Residential District, the following principal uses are authorized:


Permitted uses.


Communication antennas.


Garden apartments.


Essential services.






Public utilities, except buildings.


Single-family dwellings.




Two-family dwellings.


Accessory uses (including, but not limited to, stables, hobby farms, sale of farm products, keeping of domestic pets and private residential pools and tennis courts) customarily incidental to and on the same lot with any other permitted use. Private garages and storage sheds shall be only permitted on a lot with a single-family dwelling.


Conditional uses.


Noncommercial recreation.


Planned residential development.


Public recreation.


Public utility buildings.


Uses by special exception.


Place of worship/place of assembly.


Conversion apartments.


Day-care center or nursery school in a place of worship or school.


Temporary use or structure, other than a construction trailer or temporary dwelling.

§ 175-201 Area and bulk regulations.

In the R-2 Residential District, all uses shall be subject to the following regulations, except as they may be modified by Article X governing planned residential development or by the express standards and criteria for the specific conditional uses or uses by special exception contained in Article XI.


Minimum lot size.


Single-family dwelling: 10,000 square feet.


Two-family dwelling: 21,780 square feet.


All other uses: 43,560 square feet.


Minimum lot width.


Single-family dwelling: 80 feet.


Two-family dwelling: 100 feet.


All other residential uses: 24 feet.


All other nonresidential uses: 100 feet.


Maximum lot coverage: 45%.


Minimum front yard: 30 feet from front lot line or 50 feet from street center line, whichever is greater.


Minimum rear yard:


Principal structures: 30 feet.


All accessory structures: 10 feet.


Minimum side yard:


Single-family dwellings: 10 feet each side.


Two-family dwellings: 15 feet each side.


All other uses: 15 feet each side.


Maximum height: NOTE: Height limitations of this chapter shall not apply to the following structures: place of worship steeples or spires; steeples; chimneys; elevator bulk heads and other mechanical equipment which are part of a principal structure; conveyors; flagpoles; silos; standpipes; elevated water tanks; derricks; and public utility structures.


All principal structures: 36 feet or three stories.


All accessory structures: 15 feet or one story.

§ 175-202 Parking and loading.

See Article XIII.

§ 175-203 Signs.

See Article XIV.

§ 175-204 Performance standards.

See § 175-139.

§ 175-205 Storage.

See § 175-149.

§ 175-206 Screening and landscaping.

See § 175-140.

§ 175-207 Vehicular access.

See § 175-150.

§ 175-208 Steep slope controls.

See § 175-141.