Borough of Paulsboro, NJ
Gloucester County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
In M Manufacturing Districts, the following regulations shall apply.
A building may be erected or used and a lot may be used or occupied for any lawful purpose, except the purposes specified below or any purpose substantially similar thereto; provided that no use which shall create a noxious, offensive or hazardous condition beyond a manufacturing district boundary line shall be permitted. In determining whether a proposed use is noxious, offensive or hazardous, the standards included in § 80-34 shall apply.
The following uses are specifically prohibited:
Dwelling, except for living quarters for such persons as watchmen, seasonal workers or caretakers and their families, as an accessory use to a business or manufacturing use.
Abattoir and stockyard.
Chemical manufacture as follows: calcium carbide, cellulose, carbon and bone black, nitrating of cotton, rayon or any other process which, under modern manufacturing practice, ordinarily involves noxious odors or danger from fire or explosion.
Coke-oven operation.
Incineration or reduction of garbage, offal and dead animals, except by municipal agencies on municipally owned lots; fat-rendering.
Junk, salvage or scrap yard or automobile-wrecking yard.
Leather and fur tanning, curing, finishing and dyeing.
Magnesium foundry.
Manufacture of: asphalt; cement; caoutchouc and gutta percha; charcoal and lampblack; animal glue, size and gelatin; linoleum and oilcloth; starch, shoddy and waste; synthetic liquid fuel from coal; fertilizer by the rendering or processing of animals or fish.
Manufacture of dynamite, fireworks, TNT, matches or any similar processes which will create danger from fire or explosion in surrounding areas.
Metal and metal ores, reduction, refining, smelting and alloying (except precious and rare metals).
Wood and bones distillation.
Wood pulp and fiber reduction and processing.
Building area. Not more than 50% of the area of each lot may be occupied by buildings.
Yards. Front, side and rear yards shall be provided on each lot as follows:
Front yard. One yard, not less than 50 feet in depth.
Side yards. None required for a building used exclusively for manufacturing or other nonresidential purposes, except that in the case of a corner lot, the yard abutting a street shall not be less than 50 feet in width. In any case where side yards are provided, although they are not required by this section, each such yard shall be not less than 10 feet in width in order to properly provide for public safety.
Rear yard. One yard, not less than 25 feet in depth, provided that a rear yard shall not be required for lots which abut railroad, creek or river.
Yard adjacent to residence or commercial districts. Along any residence or commercial district boundary line, a yard shall be provided which shall be not less than 50 feet in width, measured from such boundary line. Where a street constitutes the district boundary line, the yard shall be measured from the street line.