Borough of Paulsboro, NJ
Gloucester County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Added 9-7-1999 by Ord. No. 06.99]
In MIBP Marina Industrial Business Park Districts, the following regulations shall apply.
A building may not be erected or used and a lot may not be used or occupied except for the following specified purposes or any purpose substantially similar thereto, provided that no use which shall create a noxious, offensive or hazardous condition shall be permitted. In determining whether a proposed use is noxious, offensive or hazardous, the standards included in § 80-34 shall apply.
The following uses are specifically permitted:
Commercial recreation involving the use of the waterfront.
Natural resource recreation, nature conservancy and nature center.
Marinas, boat launches and other commercial uses to promote waterfront areas.
Other comparable waterfront and related commercial uses in planned developments.
Mixed use business park.
Hotel/rooming or boarding house.
Club or lodge.
Store or shop for any retail business; commercial greenhouse.
Restaurant; other eating or drinking establishment.
Theater; other place of amusement, recreation or assembly when located within a completely enclosed building.
Consumer, professional and commercial service establishment operating on a retail basis, such as:
Bank or other financial institution.
Beauty, barber, shoe repair or other similar personal service shop.
Confectionery, bakery or custom shop for the production of articles to be sold at retail on the premises.
Dressmaking or tailor shop.
Hand or automatic self-service laundry.
Office, agency or studio, for executive or administrative purposes.
Private school.
Retail dry-cleaning establishment, provided that no flammable cleaning agents are used.
The following uses, provided that all facilities shall be located and all services shall be conducted within the confines of the lot, all repair work shall be conducted within a building and lighting facilities shall be so arranged as to reflect away from uses in neighboring residences:
Automobile agency sales showroom, including a used car lot in conjunction with and accessory thereto.
Parking garage or lot.
Public garage.
Service station.
Accessory use on the same lot with and customarily incidental to any of the above permitted uses and signs when erected and maintained in accordance with the above provisions.
Wholesale business establishment.
Yard for storage, sale and distribution of ice, building materials or liquid bulk storage when enclosed within a solid fence of not less than six feet in height, but not including junkyard, salvage, automobile or other wrecking yard.
Express, carting or hauling station; motor freight terminal.
Frozen food locker.
Bottling and distribution station for milk or other nonalcoholic beverages.
Contractor, craftsmen's or general service and repair shop, including plumbing and heating, electrical and carpentry shop; welding, tool, die, patternmaking, machine and other similar small shop.
Commercial dry-cleaning or carpet and rug cleaning establishment, provided that no flammable cleaning agents are used.
Newspaper, job-printing or bookbinding establishment.
The following uses, when authorized as a conditional use by the Planning Board subject to the provisions of §§ 80-34 and 80-40, provided that such use as permitted is not incongruous with the commercial character of the district; all processing is conducted within a completely enclosed building, as follows:
Limited manufacture as follows: clothing and other textile products; creamer; jewelry; novelty products from such previously prepared materials as felt, fur, glass, paper, plastic and shell; and precision instruments.
Light manufacturing.
Light machinery, such as small parts for automobiles, small machine parts, cash registers, sewing machines, typewriters, calculators, computers other office machines and small electrical appliances.
Fabrication of metal products, such as baby carriages, bicycles, metal furniture, musical instruments and toys.
Fabrication of paper products, such as bags, books, boxes, packaging materials, office supplies and toys.
Fabrication of wood products, such as boats, boxes, cabinets, furniture and toys.
Food and associated industries compromising any of the following: bakery, bottling of food and nonalcoholic beverages, food and cereal mixing and milling, food processing, food sundry manufacturing and ice cream manufacturing.
Research and/or testing laboratories not engaged in biological or nuclear research.
Private space necessary to store vehicles associated with businesses operating in this district. All vehicles shall be stored in closed garages.
Health center or spa.
Municipal and public facilities.
Auditoriums and meeting places.
Warehousing of goods and products such as that described above.
Outlet store.
An outlet store operated in association with permitted manufacturing facilities described herein.
The following uses are specifically prohibited in the MIBP Zone:
Heavy manufacturing.
Dwelling, except for living quarters for such persons as watchmen, seasonal workers or caretakers and their families as an accessory use to a business or manufacturing use.
Abattoir and stockyard.
Chemical manufacture as follows: calcium carbide, cellulose, carbon and bone black, nitrating of cotton, rayon or any other process which, under modern manufacturing practice, ordinarily involves noxious odors or danger from fire or explosion.
Coke oven operation.
Incineration or reduction of garbage, offal and dead animals except by municipal agencies on municipally owned lots; fat rendering.
Junk, salvage or scrap yard or automobile wrecking yard.
Leather and fur tanning, curing, finishing and dyeing.
Magnesium foundry.
Manufacture of: asphalt; cement; caoutchouc and gutta-percha; charcoal and lampblack; animal glue, size and gelatin; linoleum and oilcloth; starch, shoddy and waste; synthetic liquid fuel from coal; fertilizer by the rendering or processing of animals or fish.
Manufacture of dynamite, fireworks, TNT, matches or any similar processes which will create danger from fire or explosion in surrounding areas.
Metal and metal ores, reduction, refining, smelting and alloying (except precious and rare metals).
Wood and bones distillation.
Wood pulp and fiber reduction and processing.