Township of Washington, NJ
Warren County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Township Committee of the Township of Washington 7-18-1995 by Ord. No. 95-23. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Pursuant to N.J.S.A. 26:2BB-9, there is hereby created and established an ad hoc advisory committee of the Township Committee to be known as the "Washington Township Municipal Alliance against Drug and Alcohol Abuse," hereinafter referred to as "WTMA."
The WTMA shall consist of an unlimited number of members to be appointed by the Township Committee. There shall be a minimum of nine members, one from each of the following eight classes or categories of people: a member of the Township Committee; a person who is a member of the Township Board of Education or the Township Superintendent of Schools or designee or a teacher or guidance counselor from the township school system; a member of the Township Police Department or a representative of the Township DARE program; a representative of a local civil organization; a representative of a local religious group; a representative of the local Parent Teachers Association; an individual who has been directly affected by his or her own or a family member's abuse or addiction; and a representative of private business. Any number of additional members may be appointed from among the aforesaid classes or groups of people or from among the following classes or groups: township school students; teacher associations; Chamber of Commerce; public or private organizations or individuals involved in treatment of alcohol- and drug-related problems; civil youth organizations; labor unions; the media; or any interested private citizen.
The Township Committee may remove any member of the WTMA with cause. A vacancy on the WTMA occurring otherwise than by expiration of a term of a member may be filled for the unexpired term in the same manner as the original appointment.
The WTMA, in consultation with the Local (County) Advisory Committee on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse, shall identify alcoholism and drug prevention, education and community needs.
The WTMA shall implement the Alliance programs formulated pursuant to N.J.S.A. 26:2BB-8.
The WTMA may apply for funding through the procedures described in N.J.A.C. 17:40-1.1 et seq.
The WTMA shall be responsible for:
Organizing and coordinating efforts involving schools, law enforcement, business groups and other community organizations for the purpose of reducing alcoholism and drug abuse;
In cooperation with local school districts, developing comprehensive and effective alcoholism and drug abuse education programs in grades K-12.
In cooperation with local school districts, developing procedures for the intervention, referral to treatment and discipline of students abusing alcohol or drugs.
Developing comprehensive alcoholism and drug abuse education support and outreach efforts for parents in the community.
Developing comprehensive alcoholism and drug abuse community awareness programs.
Creating a network of community leaders, private citizens and representatives of public and private human service agencies who make a comprehensive and coordinated effort to promote and support drug and alcohol prevention and education programs and related activities with an emphasis on youth.
Conducting an assessment of their community to determine the needs of the community in relation to alcoholism and drug abuse issues.
Identifying existing efforts and services acting to reduce alcoholism and drug abuse.
Coordinating projects within the municipality to avoid fragmentation and duplication.
Developing programs to be implemented at the municipal level or participating in regionally developed programs that accomplish the purposes of the Alliance effort and of the WTMA.
Assisting the township in acquiring funds for Alliance programs, including the establishment of a permanent, standing subcommittee on fundraising.
The WTMA shall keep such records and provide such information to the Governor's Council as may be required for fiscal audit.
The WTMA shall cooperate with the Governor's Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse and the Alliance Steering Subcommittee of the County Local Advisory Committee on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse to provide municipal data, reports or other information which may be required for the County Alliance Plan or needed to assist the Alliance effort.
The WTMA shall meet promptly after appointment and shall elect officers consisting of a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. The WTMA shall establish bylaws for its governance, shall hold meetings regularly and establish an annual calendar of meetings at its organizational meeting each year. Minutes shall be kept of all WTMA meetings, and a quorum shall be required for action to be taken by the WTMA. A quorum shall be 50% of the WTMA membership plus one. A quorum may be present in person or by proxy duly filed in writing with the Secretary of the Committee; provided, however, that at least five of the eight mandatory class members are physically present.
Before the WTMA receives DEDR (drug enforcement and demand reduction penalties described by N.J.S.A. 2C:35-15 et seq.) funds from the Governor's Council, the WTMA shall develop a comprehensive plan to provide matching funds equivalent to the amount of the grant award. A fundraising subcommittee shall be established by the WTMA which must meet at least quarterly during any WTMA project period. The comprehensive plan for providing matching funds may include, but is not limited to, the following:
The donation of the use of municipal property at a fair market value to the project.
Time, as reflected by salary and wages, of the municipal and private sector employers who perform services in accordance with the project.
Complimentary (public service) advertising on local media, such as newspapers, radio and cable television, above the level of standard public service requirements.
Organized community benefits focused on the Alliance which utilize celebrities, sports figures or experts in the field of addictions who donate their services.
Door-to-door type of fundraising.
Solicitations to business and industry for donations.
Activities to raise funds which have potential for bringing a significant number of community persons together, such as runs, walks, bake sales and car washes.
The donation of printing and other mass reproductions of materials to carry the anti-alcohol and drug abuse message to the community.
Periodic reports shall be submitted to the Township Committee by the WTMA regarding progress in obtaining matching funds and shall include as well, on a form prescribed by the Governor's Council, a progress report detailing the progress made on accomplishing the purposes of the grant.
The township shall submit to the Governor's Council on forms prescribed detailed and accurate accounts of all expenditures made under the grant and periodic reports of the progress made in accomplishing the purposes of the grant, and, at the end of each fiscal year in which any grant falls, the township must submit an audited financial statement explaining its use of funds and provide such other information as may be prescribed by the Governor's Council.
The form of the within submissions must be consistent with the requirements of N.J.A.C. 17:40-3.4.
In no event shall any funds from the grant be used to undertake any activity which is not in accordance with the purpose of the grant as approved by the Governor's Council.
All actions of the Township Committee and the Township of Washington heretofore recognizing the Washington Township Municipal Alliance, endorsing grant applications and supporting the Washington Township Municipal Alliance Committee are hereby ratified and affirmed.
The Municipal Clerk is hereby authorized to submit to the County Alliance Steering Committee a certified true copy of this chapter, as well as a resolution appointing the membership, requesting acknowledgment of the municipality as an Alliance member.
This chapter shall take effect upon introduction, publication and passage in accordance with law.