Township of Washington, NJ
Warren County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Township Committee of the Township of Washington 3-21-2017 by Ord. No. 2017-05.[1] Amendments noted where applicable.]
Editor's Note: This ordinance also repealed former Ch. 32, Recreation Commissioners, Board of, adopted 10-20-1992 by Ord. No. 92-12, as amended.
There is and shall be established in the Township of Washington a Recreation Committee to consist of seven members and two alternates. The initial appointment of said members shall be as follows:
One member shall be appointed for a one-year term.
One member shall be appointed for a two-year term.
One member shall be appointed for a three-year term.
Two members shall be appointed for four-year terms.
Two members shall be appointed for five-year terms.
The Mayor shall also appoint two alternates, one of whom will be designated as "Alternate No. 1", and one who will be designated as "Alternate No. 2." The length of the terms of the alternate members should be two years for Alternate No. 1 and one year for Alternate No. 2.
After the terms set forth herein, all further appointments shall be for a term of five years, and vacancies shall be filled for the unexpired term only.
Only citizens and residents of the Township of Washington shall be eligible to serve on the Recreation Committee.
The members shall serve until their respective successors are appointed and shall qualify.
The members shall receive no compensation for their services.
The Mayor shall endeavor to appoint to the Recreation Committee an officer or board member of the Washington Township Youth Association and a citizen member of the Planning Board or Environmental Commission. However, at least four members of the Committee, either regular or alternate members, shall be individuals from the Township who do not serve on any other board, body or commission appointed by the Township Committee or Mayor.
In order to provide the funds, in whole or in part, necessary to improve, maintain and police the playgrounds or recreation places under its control, the Recreation Committee may, subject to approval by the Township Committee, arrange and provide for the giving of exhibitions, plays, concerts, games and contests and/or other fundraising activities for the purpose of giving exhibitions, plays, concerts, games and contests. The Recreation Committee may charge and collect a reasonable service charge for persons using, as participants, special areas and facilities which require special maintenance and the use of which is restricted to relatively few people in order to assist in the meeting of the operating costs thereof, whole or in part.
The Recreation Committee shall have full control over all land, playgrounds and recreation places acquired or leased under the provisions of this chapter and may adopt suitable rules, regulations and bylaws for the use thereof and the conduct of all persons while on or using the same; and any person who shall violate any of such rules, regulations and/or bylaws shall be deemed and adjudged to be a disorderly person pursuant to the laws of this state and the ordinances of the Township of Washington.
The Recreation Committee may appoint a secretary or clerk to the Committee and such number of custodians, supervisors, and assistants for the several playgrounds and recreation places under its control as it shall think necessary and fix and determine the salaries of these individuals, subject to Township Committee approval, so long as sufficient funds are available for such compensation.
The Township Committee of the Township of Washington shall annually fix, determine and appropriate a sum sufficient for the care, custody, policing and maintenance of the playgrounds and recreation places within the Township of Washington, and for the expenses of the Recreation Committee which sum shall be raised by taxation in the same manner as other taxes.
The money necessary to pay for land purchased or condemned for such playgrounds and/or recreation places, where applicable, and for providing and equipping the same, from time to time, may be raised and provided by the Township Committee by general taxation, as other taxes are raised and levied, or by the issuance of temporary loan bonds, or by the issuance of permanent bonds. All moneys received by the Recreation Committee shall be paid over to the Chief Municipal Finance Officer of the Township of Washington and be maintained in a special fund which will be under control of the Township Committee and used only for the purpose of defraying the expenses of improving, maintaining and/or policing the playgrounds and recreational places and for all other expenses of the Committee in regard to the providing of recreation within the Township of Washington. The Recreation Committee established herein shall have all of the powers granted to it by the Township Committee.