City of Scranton, PA
Lackawanna County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
As used in this Article, the following terms shall have the meanings respectively indicated:
Full chains, strap chains or other types of chains so mounted as to give motor vehicles traction in snow.
Any precipitation depositing any accumulation on the streets of the city including snow, sleet, hail, ice or freezing rain.
A state, declared as herein described, under which highway conditions are hazardous and dangerous to vehicular and pedestrian traffic.
All streets within the city so designated and marked as hereinafter set forth.
Tires having treads designed for use in mud or snow and being in such condition as to serve the purpose for which they are designed.
All motor vehicles using city streets, including all public and private transportation conveyances, trucks and other powered vehicles.
The Director of the Department of Public Works, with the approval of the Director of the Department of Public Safety, shall designate as snow emergency routes streets which are heavily traveled and are necessary thoroughfares for the movement of vehicular traffic through the city. Such designation shall take into consideration state highway routes, fire apparatus emergency routes and other commonly traveled streets. Each of such routes shall be posted with suitable signs or markers, not less frequently than once in each direction in one (1) block. Such signs shall bear the words "snow route" and may restrict parking in such block on alternate sides of such street. A map of such snow routes shall be filed with the City Clerk and other copies thereof shall be available for public examination in the Departments of Public Safety and Public Works. The Director of the Department of Public Works may change such map from time to time, copies of such changes being entered as aforesaid.
When, in the opinion of the Mayor, the actual or expected precipitation of snow will create hazardous or dangerous highway conditions for vehicular or pedestrian traffic, he is hereby authorized to declare a snow emergency. He shall immediately inform the public by issuing press releases to all news media. Such snow emergency shall continue in force until the Mayor shall declare the emergency no longer exists by press releases in the same fashion.
Two (2) hours after a snow emergency has been declared and during its existence:
No vehicle shall be parked on a snow emergency route, unless signs posted in accordance with § 412-53 permit certain parking.
Any person who operates a vehicle without chains or snow tires upon any street designated as a snow route, which vehicle becomes staged or incapable of moving under its own power, or any person who leaves such a vehicle unattended shall be in violation of this Article.
Any vehicle parked, stalled, incapable of moving under its own power or left unattended upon any snow route may be removed or towed away to any other location by the Bureau of Police or by persons authorized by such Bureau to do so.
No person shall throw, shovel, cast or otherwise move, place, pile, deposit or dump snow or ice removed from sidewalks, driveways or other areas into the street or public highway. No person, when the cartway of the street or highway is cleared or partially cleared, shall throw or place any snow or any other accumulation in the cleared cartway or passageway area.
This Article shall be in full force and effect upon its adoption and shall be effective from October 15 of each year to April 15 of the following year.