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Township of Worcester, PA
Montgomery County
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[HISTORY: Adopted by the Board of Supervisors of the Township of Worcester 6-21-2006 by Ord. No. 210. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Uniform construction codes — See Ch. 52.
Subdivision and land development — See Ch. 130.
Zoning — See Ch. 150.
All building permits issued by the Township for construction of new buildings shall be subject to the following plan requirements:
Plot plan. The applicant shall submit for approval by the Township Engineer a proposed survey and on-lot grading plan for each lot or building, certified for accuracy in compliance with the property deed and legal description. After approval, the applicant shall grade each lot or building in compliance with the said survey and grading plan as approved by the Township Engineer. Each plot plan shall be submitted to the Township and/or Engineer at least 10 business days prior to the expected foundation pouring to allow for review and issuance of zoning/building permits.
Foundation as-built plan. The applicant shall submit to the Township or Engineer a certified as-built plan no later than seven business days after the foundation has been poured and prior to framing of the structure. This plan shall show the foundation elevations plus the location of the foundation as depicted on the plot plan and as the foundation relates to all lot lines.
Final as-built plan. An as-built survey plan for each lot or building shall be provided to the Township and certified for accuracy in compliance with the approved plot plan prior to the issuance of a use and occupancy permit for each lot or building. A use and occupancy permit shall not be issued until the Township determines that construction and on-lot grading has been performed in compliance with the approved plot plan and all applicable ordinances, regulations, permits, resolutions and codes of the Township, and of any other governmental agencies having jurisdiction thereover.
Temporary use and occupancy permits. In situations where all exterior on-lot work cannot be completed because of adverse weather conditions or other compelling circumstances, temporary use and occupancy permits may be issued for a lot at the sole discretion of the Township subject to the following:
The temporary use and occupancy permit must be jointly requested by the developer and the new homeowner.
The house or structure must be one-hundred-percent completed.
The public street or roadway must be completed at least to base course and must be mud-free and completely passable in a safe manner.
Curbs must be completed to provide access to the lot.
All stormwater management structures or facilities associated in any way with drainage expected from the lot must be complete.
Rough grading of the lot must have been completed and must provide positive drainage away from the structure.
A final as-built plan showing rough grading and building location must be submitted and approved by the Township.
The driveway serving said house or structure, as applicable, must be completed to the stone base.
The applicant shall provide the Township with a cash escrow or letter of credit, in a form approved by the Township Solicitor, issued by a lending or financial institution chartered by and authorized to do business in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, subject to the prior approval of the Township, in the amount of 5,000 or other amount as determined by the Township Engineer which shall guarantee the completion of the work and any associated legal and engineering fees required to obtain a final use and occupancy permit for the lot in question. This escrow shall be irrevocable and shall remain valid until all of the aforesaid work shall be completed to the satisfaction of the Township and the final U & O is issued.
The applicant shall execute the temporary use and occupancy permit acknowledging and certifying that the incomplete work is its responsibility and not that of the lot owner/purchaser.
All incomplete work required to obtain a final use and occupancy permit must be completed within the time stipulated on the temporary use and occupancy permit. In the event the work is not completed within the time stipulated, then, in that event, the applicant shall be deemed in breach and default of this agreement and the Township may, on five days' written notice to the applicant, transmitted by facsimile or other similar electronic means, recognized overnight delivery service, hand delivery or certified mail at the Township's option, utilize any of the remedies set forth herein, including revocation of all building and any other permits previously issued and refusal to issue any future building or any other permits until the work required to obtain a final use and occupancy permit is completed to the Township's satisfaction.
Additionally, the Township may, at its discretion, apply the cash escrow or letter of credit posted by the applicant for guarantee of completion of the work to complete the work itself with its own personnel or employ other persons and pay the cost incurred by the Township including any professional or consultant fees. Application and reduction of monies by the Township are not deemed an exclusive remedy and do not constitute a waiver of any other available remedies. Any extension of time to complete the work requested may be granted by the Township Board of Supervisors at its sole discretion. The Township shall not be responsible for any work done by or at the direction of the Township, which work shall remain the responsibility of the applicant.