City of Buffalo, NY
Erie County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Derived from Art. XV of Ch. XXV of the Charter and Ordinances, 1974, of the City of Buffalo. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Animals — See Ch. 78.
Enforcement — See Ch. 137.
Fumigation — See Ch. 203.
Garbage, rubbish and refuse — See Ch. 216.
Inspections — See Ch. 249.
Property maintenance — See Ch. 341.
Sanitation — See Ch. 378.
It shall be the duty of the Commissioner of Street Sanitation to cause an inspection to be made of any premises within the City which he has good reason to believe is not in a ratproof condition. Report of said inspection shall be filed in the office of the Commissioner.
It shall be unlawful for the owner or occupant of any premises to maintain said premises in a rat-infested condition. Every owner or occupant of any such premises shall take prompt steps to remedy any such insanitary condition by ratproofing or other equivalent measures. After the owner or occupant of any such premises has been notified by the Commissioner of Street Sanitation that said premises are rat-infested, it shall be his duty to take immediate measures to remedy said condition.
Where the owner or occupant of any rat-infested premises has received the notice herein stated, he shall promptly report to the Commissioner of Street Sanitation what steps have been taken by such owner or occupant to rid said premises of said rat infestation.
The notice referred to herein shall be in writing, shall bear the date of issuance and shall be signed by the Commissioner of Street Sanitation, his deputy or other duly authorized representative. Any such notice may be served by depositing said notice, enclosed in a postpaid wrapper and addressed to the person to be notified, in the post office of the City of Buffalo or by delivery thereof to the owner or occupant of or to a person in charge of the premises referred to in said notice. Delivery may be made by an employee of the Department of Street Sanitation or Police. Every such notice, where possible, shall describe by street and number the premises which it relates to and shall state in detail the location and nature of the condition which causes the insanitary condition described therein.
After the adoption of this chapter, no building or structure shall be erected, repaired, altered or extended unless provision is made in the plans for ratproofing such building or structure or such part thereof to be repaired, altered or extended.
All applications for licenses, or the renewal thereof, to sell foodstuffs or in any wise deal in food for human consumption within the City shall be referred to the Commissioner of Health for his approval. The approval by the Commissioner shall, among other things, include the matter of safety of food from contamination by rats, mice, insects or other pests on the premises involved.
No person shall feed wild birds other than in suitable containers for the food, elevated at least 48 inches above the ground level. The Commissioner of Street Sanitation shall supply information for the proper feeding of wild birds to citizens requesting it.
No person shall feed in the open any domesticated fowl, birds or animals other than in suitable containers to prevent scattering of such food upon the ground or ground level so as to provide food for rodents. Information as to the proper feeding of such fowl, birds or animals shall be furnished upon request by the Commissioner of Street Sanitation.
Upon the written request of the owner of a dwelling and at the discretion and with the approval of the Commissioner of Street Sanitation as to necessity therefor, employees of the City vermin control may enter upon such private premises to help and assist the owner thereof in ridding said premises of rat infestation. Such assistance shall be of a kind and to an extent as permitted by the Commissioner of Street Sanitation.
No person, firm or corporation, including any municipal corporation or other governmental agency, shall commence the construction, rehabilitation or major repair of any building or other structure within the City of Buffalo without first having filed with the Department of Street Sanitation a plan for rodent control on or about the work site; and the Department of Street Sanitation shall have filed a written report with the Department of Inspections and Licenses that said plan is acceptable to the City and to the Erie County Health Department and will eliminate or prevent rodent infestation on the work site and the adjoining areas.