Town of Haverstraw, NY
Rockland County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Town Board of the Town of Haverstraw 8-13-1990 by L.L. No. 8-1990. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Planning Board — See Ch. 28.
Fire prevention and building construction — See Ch. 84.
Flood damage prevention — See Ch. 87.
Freshwater wetlands — See Ch. 90.
Home building financial security — See Ch. 97.
Sewers — See Ch. 137.
Streets and sidewalks — See Ch. 147.
Zoning — See Ch. 167.
Construction standards for subdivisions and site plans — See Ch. A172.
Article I General Provisions

§ A176-1 Statutory authority.

§ A176-2 Purpose; title.

§ A176-3 Legislative intent.

§ A176-4 General requirements for land to be subdivided.

§ A176-5 Definitions.

§ A176-6 Severability.

§ A176-7 Applicability of provisions.

Article II General Regulations

§ A176-8 Subdivision before offer to sell.

§ A176-9 Plats straddling municipal boundaries.

§ A176-10 Resubdivision procedure.

§ A176-11 Conformance with Official Map; relation to Master Plan.

§ A176-12 Monuments.

§ A176-13 Modification of regulations.

Article III Application Procedure and Review Process

§ A176-14 Approval of subdivisions required.

§ A176-15 Procedure overview.

§ A176-16 Informal presentation; fee.

§ A176-17 Sketch plat requirements; fee.

§ A176-18 Sketch plat review.

§ A176-19 Preliminary plat requirements; fee.

§ A176-20 Preliminary plat review.

§ A176-21 Final plat requirements; fee.

§ A176-22 Final plat review.

§ A176-23 Signing of final plat; filing; display.

§ A176-24 Duration of Planning Board approval; extension.

§ A176-25 Compliance with State Environmental Quality Review Act; fees.

Article IV Improvements

§ A176-26 Streets.

§ A176-27 Drainage.

§ A176-28 Utilities.

§ A176-29 Street signs.

§ A176-30 Streetlighting standards.

§ A176-31 Shade trees.

§ A176-32 Sanitary sewers.

§ A176-33 Water supply for fire hydrants.

§ A176-34 Costs of required improvements.

§ A176-35 Performance bond.

§ A176-36 Improvements required before building permit issuance.

§ A176-37 Improvements required before certificate of occupancy issuance.

§ A176-38 Maintenance; bonds; insurance.

§ A176-39 Inspection; fee.

§ A176-40 Completion; release or reduction of bond.

§ A176-41 Failure to complete.

§ A176-42 Waiver of required improvements.

Article V General Design Standards for Streets

§ A176-43 Relation to topography.

§ A176-44 Block size.

§ A176-45 Intersections.

§ A176-46 Continuation between adjacent properties; temporary dead-end streets.

§ A176-47 Permanent dead-end streets.

§ A176-48 Street names.

§ A176-49 Location, width and improvements.

§ A176-50 Reserve strips.

§ A176-51 Specific design standards for new streets.

Article VI Lots

§ A176-52 Arrangement.

§ A176-53 Access across watercourse.

§ A176-54 Lot dimensions.

§ A176-55 Side lot lines.

§ A176-56 Access from state or county road.

§ A176-57 Corner lots and sight easements.

§ A176-58 Water bodies.

§ A176-59 Power line or gas transmission line easement.

§ A176-60 Average density.

Article VII Reservations for Parks and Playgrounds

§ A176-61 General requirements.

§ A176-62 District requirements.

§ A176-63 Size and location.

§ A176-64 Site requirements.

§ A176-65 Open space.

§ A176-66 Additional recreation reservations.

§ A176-67 Cash payment in lieu of reservation.

§ A176-68 Applicability of provisions to subdivisions utilizing average density.

Article VIII Easements and Restrictions

§ A176-69 Pedestrian access.

§ A176-70 Utilities and drainage.

§ A176-71 Widening or realignment of existing roads.

§ A176-72 New shade trees.

§ A176-73 Existing trees.

§ A176-74 Safety of land to be subdivided.

§ A176-75 Existing features.

§ A176-76 Self-imposed restrictions.

§ A176-77 Formal offers of cession; acceptance of streets, easements or parks.