City of Rockwood, MI
Wayne County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the City Council of the City of Rockwood 6-10-1985. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Boards and Commissions — See Ch. 40.
Bureau of Fire Prevention — See Ch. 86.
Officers and employees — See Ch. 150.
Chapter 1  

§ C-1.1 Name of City.

§ C-1.2 Boundaries.

Chapter 2 Powers

§ C-2.1 Powers of the City.

§ C-2.2 Interpretation.

§ C-2.3 Further definition of powers.

§ C-2.4 Intergovernmental contracts.

Chapter 3 Organization of Government

§ C-3.1 Mayor and Council.

§ C-3.2 Qualifications of Councilmen.

§ C-3.3 Clerk, Treasurer and Assessor created.

§ C-3.4 Qualifications of Clerk, Treasurer and Assessor.

§ C-3.5 Compensation of elective officers.

§ C-3.6 Mayor Pro Tem.

§ C-3.7 Administrative officers.

§ C-3.8 The Mayor.

§ C-3.9 City Clerk.

§ C-3.10 City Treasurer.

§ C-3.11 Administrative Coordinator.

§ C-3.12 City Assessor.

§ C-3.13 City Attorney.

§ C-3.14 Chief of Police.

§ C-3.15 Fire Chief.

§ C-3.16 City Engineer.

§ C-3.17 Director of Public Works.

§ C-3.18 Personnel.

§ C-3.19 Appointive department officers.

§ C-3.20 Deputy administrative officers.

§ C-3.21 Local Officers Compensation Commission.

§ C-3.22 Planning Commission.

§ C-3.23 Building and Safety Appeal Board.

§ C-3.24 Independent boards and commissions.

§ C-3.25 Rockwood Community Center Authority.

§ C-3.26 Economic Development Corporation.

§ C-3.27 Rockwood Housing Commission.

Chapter 4 Elections

§ C-4.1 Qualifications of electors.

§ C-4.2 Election procedure.

§ C-4.3 Wards and precincts.

§ C-4.4 Regular City elections.

§ C-4.5 Elective officers of the City.

§ C-4.6 Terms of office.

§ C-4.7 Special elections.

§ C-4.8 Election Commission.

§ C-4.9 Primary elections.

§ C-4.10 Nominations.

§ C-4.11 Form of petition.

§ C-4.12 Approval of petition.

§ C-4.13 Public inspection of petitions.

§ C-4.14 Form of ballot.

§ C-4.15 Canvass of votes.

§ C-4.16 Tie vote.

§ C-4.17 Recount.

§ C-4.18 Recall.

Chapter 5 General Provisions Regarding Officers and Personnel of the City

§ C-5.1 Eligibility for office and employment in City.

§ C-5.2 Vacancies in elective offices.

§ C-5.3 Vacancies in boards and commissions.

§ C-5.4 Removal from office.

§ C-5.5 Resignations.

§ C-5.6 Filling vacancies in elective offices.

§ C-5.7 Filling vacancies in appointive offices.

§ C-5.8 Residence requirements for appointive officers.

§ C-5.9 No change in term of office or compensation.

§ C-5.10 Compensation of employees and officers.

§ C-5.11 Financial/personal interest prohibited.

§ C-5.12 Antinepotism.

§ C-5.13 Oath of office and bond.

§ C-5.14 Surety bonds.

§ C-5.15 Delivery of office.

§ C-5.16 Employee welfare benefits.

§ C-5.17 Civil merit system.

§ C-5.18 Employees' retirement system.

Chapter 6 Council

§ C-6.1 Regular meetings.

§ C-6.2 Special meetings.

§ C-6.3 Business of special meetings.

§ C-6.4 Meeting to be public.

§ C-6.5 Quorum; adjournment of meeting.

§ C-6.6 Compulsory attendance and conduct at meeting.

§ C-6.7 Organization and rules of the Council.

§ C-6.8 Investigations.

§ C-6.9 Public health and safety.

Chapter 7 Legislation

§ C-7.1 Prior legislation.

§ C-7.2 Ordinances and resolutions.

§ C-7.3 Enactment, amendment, repeal and effective date of ordinances.

§ C-7.4 Publication and recording of ordinances.

§ C-7.5 Penalties for violations of ordinances.

§ C-7.6 Special procedure on vote on certain council actions.

§ C-7.7 Technical codes adopted by reference.

§ C-7.8 Severability of ordinances.

§ C-7.9 Codification of ordinances.

§ C-7.10 Initiative and referendum.

§ C-7.11 Initiatory and referendary petitions.

§ C-7.12 Council procedure on initiatory and referendary petitions.

§ C-7.13 Submission of initiatory and referendary ordinances to electors.

§ C-7.14 Ordinance suspended; miscellaneous provisions on initiatory and referendary ordinance.

Chapter 8 General Finance

§ C-8.1 Fiscal year.

§ C-8.2 Budget procedure.

§ C-8.3 Budget hearing.

§ C-8.4 Adoption of budget.

§ C-8.5 Budget control.

§ C-8.6 Depository.

§ C-8.7 Independent audit.

Chapter 9 Taxation

§ C-9.1 Power to tax; tax limit.

§ C-9.2 Subjects of taxation.

§ C-9.3 Exemption from taxes.

§ C-9.4 Tax day.

§ C-9.5 Personal property; jeopardy assessment.

§ C-9.6 Preparation of the assessment roll.

§ C-9.7 Board of Review membership and officers.

§ C-9.8 Meeting of the Board of Review.

§ C-9.9 Notice of meeting.

§ C-9.10 Duties and Functions of Board of Review.

§ C-9.11 Endorsement of roll.

§ C-9.12 Clerk to certify tax levy.

§ C-9.13 City tax roll.

§ C-9.14 Tax roll certified for collection.

§ C-9.15 Tax lien on property.

§ C-9.16 Tax due; notification.

§ C-9.17 Collection fees.

§ C-9.18 Failure or refusal to pay personal property tax.

§ C-9.19 Delinquent tax roll to County Treasurer.

§ C-9.20 State, county and school taxes.

Chapter 10 Borrowing Power

§ C-10.1 Grant of authority to borrow.

§ C-10.2 Limits of borrowing powers.

§ C-10.3 Authorization of electors required.

§ C-10.4 Applicability of other statutory restrictions.

§ C-10.5 Preparation and record of bonds.

§ C-10.6 Unissued bonds.

§ C-10.7 Deferred payment contracts.

Chapter 11 Special Assessments

§ C-11.1 General power relative to special assessments.

§ C-11.2 Special assessment procedure.

§ C-11.3 Public improvement determination and preparation of special assessment roll.

§ C-11.4 Hearing and confirmation on special assessment roll.

§ C-11.5 Installment payments.

§ C-11.6 Lien on premises.

§ C-11.7 Collection procedure.

§ C-11.8 Delinquent assessments; penalties; enforcement.

§ C-11.9 Division of land.

§ C-11.10 Insufficient special assessments.

§ C-11.11 Excessive special assessments.

§ C-11.12 Invalid special assessments.

§ C-11.13 Single premises assessment.

§ C-11.14 Additional procedure authorized by ordinance.

§ C-11.15 Exemptions.

Chapter 12 Purchasing; Contracts; Leases

§ C-12.1 Purchase and sale of property.

§ C-12.2 Contracts.

§ C-12.3 Restrictions on powers to let property.

§ C-12.4 Debts.

Chapter 13 Municipally Owned Utilities

§ C-13.1 General powers respecting utilities.

§ C-13.2 Management of municipally owned utilities.

§ C-13.3 Rates.

§ C-13.4 Utility rates and charges; collection.

§ C-13.5 Disposal of utility plants and property.

§ C-13.6 Utility finances.

Chapter 14 Public Utility Franchises

§ C-14.1 Franchises remain in effect.

§ C-14.2 Granting of public utility franchises.

§ C-14.3 Conditions of public utility franchises.

§ C-14.4 Regulation of rates.

§ C-14.5 Use of public places by utilities.

§ C-14.6 Revocable permits.

Chapter 15 Miscellaneous

§ C-15.1 City liabilities.

§ C-15.2 No estoppel.

§ C-15.3 Records to be public.

§ C-15.4 Definition of publication; mailing of notices.

§ C-15.5 Vested rights continued.

§ C-15.6 Trusts.

§ C-15.7 Definitions and interpretations.

§ C-15.8 Sundays or holidays.

§ C-15.9 Chapter and section headings.

§ C-15.10 Process against City.

§ C-15.11 Quorum.

§ C-15.12 Penalties for misconduct in office.

§ C-15.13 Amendments.

§ C-15.14 Severability of Charter provisions.

Chapter 16 Schedule and Transitional Provisions

§ C-16.1 Status of schedule chapter.

§ C-16.2 Election on adoption of Charter.

§ C-16.3 First election of City officers.

§ C-16.4 Second election of City officers.

§ C-16.5 Effective date of Charter.

§ C-16.6 Transitional provisions.

§ C-16.7 Abolished departments, offices and agencies.

§ C-16.8 Pending matters.

§ C-16.9 State and municipal laws.