Town of Ridgefield, CT
Fairfield County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Town of Ridgefield as indicated in article histories. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Food service establishments — See Ch. 193.
Littering — See Ch. 233.
Parks and recreation — See Ch. 269.
[Adopted 8-2-1982 (§ 7-13 of the 1974 Code); amended 5-24-1984]
For purposes of this article the following definitions shall apply:
Shall have the same meaning as in the Connecticut Liquor Control Act, C.G.S. § 30-1 et seq., as amended.
Shall have the same meaning as in C.G.S. § 14-1.
Having in one's possession alcoholic liquor in a glass, open bottle, open can, tapped keg or other open container in a public or quasi-public place, as herein defined, with the intent (conscious objective) of consuming such alcoholic liquor in such place.
All public highways within and under the control of the Town of Ridgefield, and shall include sidewalks.
All areas, interior and exterior, owned and controlled by the Town of Ridgefield, excluding therefrom property owned by said Town and leased for private purposes.
[Amended 3-17-2010]
Parking areas within Town and as defined by C.G.S. § 14-212 for 10 cars or more.
Except as permitted by § 116-3 hereof, no person shall consume in a public or quasi-public place, as herein defined, or possess with an intent to consume in such place any alcoholic liquor. For purposes of this section, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, consumption or possession with intent to consume alcoholic liquor in motor vehicles parked in public or quasi-public places is also prohibited.
Persons may possess alcoholic liquor with the intent to consume and may consume said alcoholic liquor without violating § 116-2 if a written permit so authorizing has been obtained. Such a permit shall be issued by the First Selectman of the Town upon receipt of a completed application and upon being reasonably able to determine that:
Issuance of a permit would not be detrimental to public safety, health or welfare or result in violation of any other ordinance of the Town, or state or federal law.
The owner or person or entity effectively in control of quasi-public property has been apprised of the nature of the application and has no objection to permit issuance.
The application form shall be available to the public at the office of the Town Clerk during regular business hours. It shall require of the applicant the following information:
Scheduled time and duration;
Participant(s) (reasonable categorical definition acceptable) and estimated number thereof;
Name of owner or person or entity in control of quasi-public property if applicable; and
Applicant's name, address, telephone number and representative capacity if any.
The permit shall specify in writing the time, place, location and duration for which it is issued. Permit approval shall not in any way excuse an applicant from any requirement imposed by the Liquor Control Act of the State of Connecticut or any other applicable local, state or federal law. No permit shall be effective for more than 24 hours, except that season permits shall be available for prescheduled events which recur on a scheduled basis.
Permits shall be granted or denied by the First Selectman within two business days of receiving a completed written application. If denied, the First Selectman shall indicate in writing on the application the reason for denial. Any applicant aggrieved by the decision of the First Selectman may appeal said decision to the Board of Selectmen by delivering a written notice of appeal to the First Selectman as a representative of the full Board, and said Board shall hear and decide said appeal no later than 14 days from the receipt thereof. Written notice of the time and place of the appeal shall be mailed to the appellant no less than five days prior to the proposed hearing. The appellant shall have the right to be represented by counsel, to present evidence and cross-examine where applicable. The rules of evidence shall be liberally construed. The Board's decision shall be majority as defined by the Town Charter, except that a tie vote shall serve to affirm the decision of the First Selectman, shall be rendered in writing with a brief description of the basis for the decision, and shall be rendered within 14 days of the completion of the hearing.
[Amended 3-17-2010]
Any person violating the provisions of this article shall be fined not more than $100 for each offense.
[Adopted 3-20-2002 (§ 7-18 of the 1974 Code)]
For purposes of this article the following definitions shall apply:
Shall be defined pursuant to C.G.S. § 30-1(3).
To organize a gathering of two or more persons or to allow the premises under one's control to be used with one's knowledge for a gathering of two or more persons for personal, social, or business interaction.
No person under the age of 21 shall be in possession of containers of alcoholic liquors, whether open or closed, within the Town of Ridgefield except when accompanied by or in the presence of his or her parent, guardian, or spouse who has attained the age of 21 years.
No person shall host an event which allows the consumption or dispensing of alcoholic liquor to or by a minor or minors unless said minor or minors are accompanied by or in the presence of their parent, guardian or spouse who has attained the age of 21 years. This prohibition shall apply to any event or gathering within the Town of Ridgefield, whether conducted on public or private property.
[Amended 3-17-2010]
Any person violating any provision of this article shall be subject to a fine of $90 pursuant to C.G.S. § 51-164p.