Town of Abington, MA
Plymouth County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
All General Laws, special laws, town by-laws, votes, rules and regulations of or pertaining to the town which are in force when this charter takes effect and which are not specifically or by clear implication repealed hereby, shall continue in full force and effect until amended or rescinded by due course of law or expire by their own limitation.
All town agencies shall continue to perform their duties until re-appointed or re-elected, or until successors to their respective positions are duly appointed or elected or their duties have been transferred.
Any person holding a town office or employment under the town shall retain such office or employment and shall continue to perform his/her duties until provision shall have been made in accordance with the charter for the performance of the said duties by another person or agency; provided, however, that no person in the permanent fulltime service or employment of the town shall forfeit his pay grade or time in service. All such persons shall be retained in a capacity as similar to their former capacity as it is practical to do so.
The charter shall become fully effective upon its approval by the voters as provided for by the General Laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, except as provided in this section:
Not more than forty-five days after the adoption of this charter, the moderator shall appoint a special committee of five members to review the existing by-laws of the town and to make a report with recommendations to the annual town meeting in the year following the year in which the charter is adopted, in accordance with the publication, hearing and reporting requirements established in Article VII, Section 7-9-2.
Except as otherwise provided above, all other provisions of Article II shall be effective upon the commencement of the annual town meeting for the transaction of business in the year following the year in which the charter is adopted.
As soon as possible following the adoption of this charter the Board of Selectmen shall appoint a Town Manager as provided for in Article IV of this charter, and such appointment shall be made no later than 6 months following the date on which this charter is adopted.
The incumbent in the office of treasurer/collector shall continue to serve in said position for the balance of the term for which the treasurer/collector was elected. Upon the expiration of the term of office of the incumbent treasurer/collector, or if a vacancy shall occur sooner, the treasurer/collector shall be appointed by the Town Manager, in accordance with Article V, Section 5-5.
The incumbent members of the golf course committee shall continue to serve in office until no later than two months following the appointment of a Town Manager by the Board of Selectmen. Within that two month period the Town Manager shall appoint the members of the golf course committee. The golf course committee shall consist of five (5) members appointed for three years each, so arranged that the term of office of as nearly an equal number of members as is possible shall expire each year. The golf course committee shall oversee the Strawberry Valley Golf Course, in coordination with the Town Manager.
All records, property and equipment whatsoever of any office, department, or agency or part thereof, the powers and duties of which are assigned in whole or in part to another office or agency shall be transferred forthwith to the office, department or agency to which such powers and duties are assigned.
The position of town administrator shall be abolished upon the assumption of office by the Town Manager. Should the position become vacant prior to the Town Manager assuming the duties of the office, the Board of Selectmen may appoint an acting town administrator. The acting town administrator shall serve until the assumption of office by the Town Manager.