Borough of Bonneauville, PA
Adams County
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Chapter/Title From 1994 Code
Location in 2009 Code
Fees Resolution
Ch. 1, Administration and Government
Part 1, Borough Officials
Compensation of Elected Officials (reserved)
Office of Borough Manager
Ch. 30
Office of Secretary/Treasurer
Ch. 45
Part 2, Planning Commission
Ch. 36
Part 3, Bonneauville Borough Municipal Authority
Ch. 6, Art. I
Part 4, Volunteer Firemen's Relief Association
Ch. 20, Art. I
Ch. 2, Animals
Part 1, Prohibiting Dogs Running at Large
Ch. 55, Art. I
Part 2, Barking Dogs Creating Public Nuisance
Ch. 55, Art. II
Ch. 3, Bicycles (Reserved)
Ch. 4, Buildings
Part 1, Dangerous Structures
Ch. 213
Part 2, Placement of Street Numbers
Ch. 66
Ch. 5, Code Enforcement
Part 1, BOCA Building Code
Repealed by Ord. No. 89
Part 2, BOCA National Plumbing Code
Repealed by Ord. No. 89
Part 3, National Electrical Code
Repealed by Ord. No. 89
Part 4, CABO One- and Two-Family Dwelling Code
Repealed by Ord. No. 89
Part 5, BOCA National (Property) Maintenance Code
Ch. 164
Ch. 6, Conduct
Part 1, Curfew
Ch. 86
Part 2, Firearms
Ch. 100
Ch. 7, Fire Prevention and Fire Protection
Part 1, Outdoor Fires
Ch. 70
Ch. 8, Floodplains
Ch. 106
Ch. 9, Grading and Excavating (Reserved)
Ch. 10, Health and Safety
Part 1, Noxious Weeds
Ch. 246
Part 2, Storage of Abandoned Equipment Prohibited
Ch. 140, Art. I
Part 3, Storage of Motor Vehicle Nuisances
Ch. 140, Art. II
Ch. 11, Housing
Part 1, Rental Tenancy
Ch. 171, Art. I
Ch. 12, Libraries (Reserved)
Ch. 13, Licenses, Permits and General Business Regulations
Part 1, Peddler Licensing
Ch. 158, Art. I
Part 2, Junkyards
Ch. 120
Part 3, Junkyards
Ch. 177, Art. I
Ch. 14, Mobile Homes and Mobile Home Parks
Part 1, Mobilehome Parks
Ch. 134
Ch. 15, Motor Vehicles and Traffic
Ch. 235
Ch. 16, Parks and Recreation
Part 1, Recreation Facilities
Ch. 152
Ch. 17, Planned Residential Development (Reserved)
Ch. 18, Sewers and Sewage Disposal
Part 1, Connections to Public Sewers
Ch. 184, Art. I
Part 2, Sewer Rental Rates and Surcharges; Industrial Wastes
Ch. 184, Art. III
Part 3, Holding Tanks
Ch. 184, Art. II
Part 4, Reserved Facilities Rental Charge
Ch. 184, Art. IV
Ch. 19, Signs and Billboards (Reserved)
Ch. 20, Solid Waste
Part 1, Collection and Disposal of Municipal Waste
Ch. 196, Art. I
Ch. 21, Streets and Sidewalks
Part 1, Street Openings and Excavations
Ch. 209, Art. I
Part 2, Curb Cuts and Driveway Construction
Ch. 209, Art. II
Ch. 22, Subdivision and Land Development
Ch. 220
Ch. 23, Swimming Pools (Reserved)
Ch. 24, Taxation, Special
Part 1, Per Capita Tax
Ch. 225, Art. I
Part 2, Occupational Privilege Tax
Ch. 225, Art. II
Ch. 25, Trees (Reserved)
Ch. 26, Water
Part 1, Connection to Water System
Ch. 242, Art. I
Part 2, Rents and Charges for Water Service
Ch. 242, Art. II
Part 3, Curtailment of Nonessential Water Uses
Ch. 242, Art. III
Ch. 27, Zoning
Repealed by Ord. No. 97
Appendixes A through J
Ch. A260