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Town of Athens, NY
Greene County
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[Adopted 9-17-1990]
The Town Board of Athens, New York, does hereby adopt the following regulations and procedures in an effort to create uniformity in the design and construction of all future streets and to ensure that said streets will be adequate to serve the needs of the residents of the Town and others in the future as well as at present.
This article shall be known and may be cited as the "Street or Highway Resolution of the Town of Athens."
Wherever used in this article, the word "street" shall also be construed to mean a thoroughfare or highway.
Wherever used in this article, words in the singular number include the plural, and words in the plural number include the singular.
The word "shall" is mandatory and not directory. Words used in the present tense include the future.
Prior to being offered for dedication to the Town, all streets shall meet with the following requirements:
The arrangement of the streets or highways shall be laid out so as to form a continuation of the principal streets or highways now existing.
The minimum right-of-way widths of streets shall be as set forth in Chapter 154, Subdivision of Land, § 154-15. The widths shall be measured normal to lot lines on tangents and the radial lines on curves. Where roads are to be constructed or improved, no work shall be undertaken until the construction details have been approved by the Town Engineer or Superintendent of Highways.
[Amended 9-25-2000 by L.L. No. 3-2000]
Each street shall be marked by monuments of concrete with one-half-inch or larger diameter steel reinforcement rod. Said monuments are to be at least four inches square and four feet long and are to be installed with two inches showing above the surface of the ground.
Streets designed to have one end permanently closed shall be provided with a cul-de-sac having a minimum diameter for the outside property line of at least 120 feet.
As far as practical, acute angles between streets at their intersection are to be avoided, and where a deflection angle of more than 10° in a street line occurs at any point between two intersecting streets, a curve of a reasonably long radius is to be introduced.
Street grades shall not be more than 10%. Maximum grades in excess of 10% shall be allowed at the discretion of the Town upon the recommendation of the Town Superintendent of Highways and Town Engineer.
All streets shall have adequate drainage, including necessary inlet and outlet ditches. Corrugated pipe shall be used for all culverts and surface drains. Said materials used for the same must conform to standard usage adopted by the Town Superintendent of Highways. Drainage easements will be obtained on behalf of the Town where necessary.
[Amended 9-25-2000 by L.L. No. 3-2000]
The roadway of such streets shall be filled to a minimum compacted depth of 12 inches with a suitable bank gravel or shale which will be crowned and compacted and approved by the Superintendent of Highways. The slope away from the crown of the road shall be a minimum of 3/8 inch per foot. Soft areas in subgrade shall be removed and replaced with suitable material as approved by Superintendent of Highways. After such approval the roadway shall be covered with a minimum of three inches of regular Item 4.
Landscaping of the proposed streets is optional with the applicant.
Prime coat and wearing surface.
Prime coat. After the top layer of the Item 4 base has been shaped, compacted and approved by the Superintendent of Highways it shall receive a prime coat treatment consisting of medium curing cut-back asphalt (MC-70) applied at the rate of one-half gallon per square yard and uniformly covered with crushed stone (No. 1A) and broomed and rolled.
Wearing surface. Approximately two days after application of prime coat, the paved area shall receive an application of rapid curing asphalt (MC-3000) at the rate of one-half gallon per square yard and uniformly covered with crushed stone (No. 1) and broomed and rolled.
All private driveways and roads connecting with any Town highways are to have a culvert pipe of at least 15 inches installed at a point where the private road meets the highway, said culvert to be installed under the supervision of the Town Superintendent of Highways, and the Town Superintendent of Highways to have the discretion to require larger-sized culvert when necessary. From edge of pavement back toward culverts for a distance of six feet, driveway should slope one inch per foot downward. This provision shall become effective for all private roads built after the date of the adoption of this provision, and all costs incurred shall be born by the property owner or builder.
All applications for the dedication of streets shall be accompanied by a survey prepared by a licensed surveyor within one year prior to the date of application and in proper form for recording. Such survey is to be submitted in triplicate and should show the profiles of each existing street and the proposed street as well as the location of trees and shrubbery if required. The surveyor shall also certify in writing to the Town that the proposed road has been constructed in accordance with the survey and profile as submitted.
All applications shall be accompanied by a proposed warranty deed and any and all other necessary legal instruments to give clear and undisputed title to the Town, together with a thirty-year title search of each parcel to be conveyed. All proposed deeds and titles shall be passed upon by the Town Attorney, and his or her decision shall be final. In the event that any easements or rights-of-way are necessary in the opinion of the Superintendent of Highways to remove surface water or other materials, the applicant shall obtain such necessary legal documents as may be required.
All applications wherein drainage or refuse problems exist as the result of the intersection of the proposed street and state, county or Town highways shall contain written permission from the New York State Department of Transportation, the Greene County Superintendent of Highways or the Town Superintendent of Highways, as the case may be.
[Amended 9-25-2000 by L.L. No. 3-2000]
All culverts installed pursuant to § 150-4K of the regulations of this article shall be bonded to the Town in the amount of $50, said money to be refunded upon the approval of the completed project by the Town Superintendent of Highways. All work done by private individuals on Town highways will require insurance or an insurance bond in the same manner and form as those required for work on state and county roads.