Borough of Coopersburg, PA
Lehigh County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Borough Council of the Borough of Coopersburg 5-11-2004 by Ord. No. 568. Amendments noted where applicable.]
The office of Borough Manager is hereby created by the Borough of Coopersburg, subject to the right of the Borough, by ordinance, at any time to abolish such office.
The Borough Council shall elect by a majority vote of all members one person to fill the office of Borough Manager. That person shall serve at the pleasure of Borough Council. The Borough Manager shall be subject to removal at any time by a majority vote of all the members of Borough Council. The Borough Manager need not be a resident of the Borough of Coopersburg or of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania at the time of his appointment, but shall within a period of time agreed upon between Borough Council and the Borough Manager, become and during his tenure as Borough Manager, shall live within a 15 air-mile radius of the Borough.
The Borough Manager shall be chosen solely on the basis of his executive and administrative qualifications without regard to race, color, creed, sex or political affiliation.
Before entering upon his duties, the Borough Manager shall give bond to the Borough with a bonding company as surety in such sum as is set by resolution of Borough Council, conditioned for the faithful performance of his duties, premium for said bond to be paid by the Borough of Coopersburg.
The Borough Manager shall receive such compensation as shall be fixed from time to time by resolution of Borough Council.
The Borough Manager shall have and exercise all powers and duties assigned to him by statute, all powers and duties assigned to the Borough Secretary by statute, and such other authority as may be granted by the Borough Council. He shall be charged with the enforcement of all laws and ordinances within the municipality insofar as their enforcement is within the powers of the Borough, excepting however, that he shall in no way restrict, infringe, or supplant the authority of the police who are directly responsible by statute to the Mayor.
The Borough Manager shall attend all meetings of the Borough Council, shall prepare the agenda for Council meetings and supply Borough Council with materials necessary to participate therein, shall keep the Council informed as to the affairs of the Borough, and shall recommend to the Borough Council such actions as may be necessary or expedient for the welfare of the Borough.
The Borough Manager shall administer, supervise and be responsible for the activities of all office and clerical employees of the Borough, other than such employees who may be assigned to Police or Fire Departments. The Borough Manager shall administer, supervise and be responsible for the activities of all Code Enforcement Officials, including, but not limited to: Assistant Borough Manager/Code Enforcement Officer, Zoning Officer, Building Official, Public Works Inspector, Plumbing Inspector, Fire Official, Safety Inspector, Surveyor, Health Officer, or their assistants. He shall have charge of all personnel of Highway, Water, Sewer, Parks and Recreation, and General Administration Departments. The Borough Manager shall represent Borough Council in matters relative to union and union members and shall issue all work rules and disciplinary notices to Union employees on behalf of the Borough Council.
In addition, the Borough Manager shall administer, supervise and be responsible for activities of any other Borough employees who shall be assigned to his jurisdiction by ordinance or resolution of Borough Council or assigned to his jurisdiction by the Mayor in writing, as provided under § 42-21.
The Borough Manager shall make recommendations concerning hiring and/or firing of all non-union employees under his jurisdiction to the proper Committee of Borough Council.
Any of the above duties may be assigned by the Borough Manager to any subordinate officials, but the overall responsibility for proper execution of said duties remains with the Borough Manager.
The Borough Manager shall be responsible for planning, initiating, supervising, completing, costing and documenting all projects and activities of all departments. He shall maintain priorities in consonance with the requirements of committee chairmen and shall be responsible to the appropriate committee of Council for all works and projects of these departments. He shall insure that all activities under his jurisdiction are accomplished in a timely and orderly manner.
The Borough Manager shall examine all proposed contracts to which the Borough may be a party, and may sign on behalf of the Borough any contract authorized by the Borough Council, excepting where the Borough Council directs that some officer or officers shall do so. It shall be the duty of the Borough Manager to see to it that all terms of any contract to which the Borough is a party are fully performed by all parties thereof.
The Borough Manager shall be general purchasing agent of the Borough, and except where specific provision to the contrary is made by law or by Borough Council, he shall make all purchases of supplies, materials and equipment authorized by Borough Council in the manner prescribed by and subject to the limitations imposed by law. No purchase shall be made or obligation incurred excepting upon authorization by Borough Council and no expense shall be incurred, except for the purpose for which no prior appropriation is required by law if the amount thereof is not covered by an unexpended appropriation for the purpose.
The Borough Manager shall see that all money owed the Borough is promptly paid, and that proper proceedings are taken for the security and collection of all the Borough's claims.
The Borough manager shall serve as Earned Income Tax Officer and shall be responsible for collecting such other taxes levied under Act 511 as the Borough Council may designate by ordinance.
It shall be the duty of the Borough Manager to keep current accounts showing at all times the fiscal condition of the Borough, including the current and anticipated expenses, appropriations, cash on hand and anticipated revenue of all municipal funds and accounts, and he shall see to the collection of all money due the municipality.
It shall be the duty of the Borough Manager to prepare the preliminary budget for review and final approval by the Borough Council.
The Borough Manager shall keep a current inventory showing all real and personal property of the Borough and its location, and shall be responsible for the care and custody of all such property, including equipment, buildings, parks and all other Borough property, which is not by law assigned to some other officer or body for care and control.
It shall be the duty of the Borough Manager to see to the publication of all notices, ordinances, or other documents required by law to be published, and to prepare or cause to be prepared all reports which the Borough or any of the officials thereof are required by law to prepare.
The Borough Manager shall prepare and have custody of all municipal records required by law to be kept by the Borough and not by a specific officer. Where the law makes it the duty of a specific officer to keep or maintain records, the Borough Manager shall make available to such officer all necessary clerical assistance for the preparation of such records and shall make available a place for the custody of such records. And in compliance herewith, the Borough Manager shall make available to the clerk, stenographic or clerical assistance necessary for the preparation of the journal of Council proceedings, and the record of ordinances and all other documents which by law the clerk is required to keep; and he shall perform similar service for the treasurer in the maintenance of bond registers, and all other records or documents which by law the treasurer is required to keep or prepare.
Where the law requires or provides for certification of any records or documents by any officer of the Borough, the Borough Manager shall cause such records or documents to be properly prepared and presented to such officer for his signature.
The Borough Manager shall be ex officio Borough collector and Borough comptroller unless such officers, or either of them, are duly filled by appointment; and he shall perform the duties of each such office in the absence of such appointment to either of them.
The Borough Manager shall cause to be kept a complete set of maps and plats showing the location of all Borough utilities and other Borough properties, all street and other public places, and all lots or parcels of land subdivided according to law.
The Borough Manager shall maintain an office in Borough Hall and shall spend such time in the performance of his duties as may be required by Borough Council.
In the event the Borough Manager shall be absent from the Borough or incapacitated from performing the duties of his position, the Assistant Borough Manager shall act as Borough Manager during such absence or incapacity.
The Mayor is hereby authorized to delegate in writing to the Borough Manager, subject to recall by written notification at any time, any of his nonlegislative and nonjudicial powers and duties.