Town of Randolph, MA
Norfolk County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[The following is an alphabetical listing of actions affecting officers, boards, committees and commissions. Consult municipal records for a more detailed description of the action.]
Adoption Date/
Art. or Ord. No.
Airport Commission
STM 1-10-1966/26
Selectmen authorized to establish
Ambulance services
STM 12-11-1961/4
5-member committee established to have jurisdiction over the setting and the collecting of ambulance fees
STM 4-14-1986/3
3-member committee established to have jurisdiction over the abatement of uncollected ambulance fees
ATM 4-16-1996/13
Committee disbanded
ATM 3-12-1932/15
Office abolished
Board of Appeals
STM 6-17-1968/6
Membership reduced to 5
Board of Recreation
STM 12-19-1968/3
Authorized to act as Park Commissioners
Board of Selectmen
ATM 5-8-1962/49
Membership raised to 5; terms established
ATM 5-7-1963/21
Designation as members of Board of Public Welfare rescinded
Board of Sewer Commissioners
ATM 5-15-1962/72
Terms established
Building Inspector
ATM 4-5-1971/105
Selectmen authorized to employ
Business and Industrial Commission
ATM 5-15-1962/74
Terms established
STM 5-8-2000/5
Authorize Home Rule Petition to Establish Position of Clerk/Registrar
STM 5-8-2000/5
Abolish the Position of Clerk/Treasurer
STM 5-11-1981/1
Authorized to set fees and charges for Town Clerk services
ATM 4-11-1983/96
3-year term of office
ATM 4-11-1983/95
3-year term of office
Committees generally
ATM 3-15-1954/19
Progress reports to be submitted every 2 months to appointing agent; appointing agent to replace inactive members
Community Preservation Committee
STM 11-8-2004/2
Council for the Aging
ATM 3-20-1963/94
Government Study Committee
ATM 4-29-2002/2
Highway Supervisor
STM 10-24-1949/21
3-year term of office
Housing Authority
STM 7-6-1964/25
Selectmen authorized Committee to appoint and later have elected
Housing Authority
ATM 3-23-1965/73
Established for the Elderly
Institutional Open Space Committee
STM 5-23-2005/1
Established, members to be appointed by Moderator
Master Plan Implementation Committee
ATM 4-23-2001/19
Establishment of Committee
Military Services Committee
Establishment of Committee
ATM 3-20-1979/48
Term of office extended from 1 to 3 years
ATM 4-3-1978/108
Vacancies on boards or committees appointed by the Moderator should be filled within 30 days, except as provided in the General Laws
Municipal Space Needs Committee
ATM 3-15-1976/1
Municipal Space Needs Committee
ATM 4-15-1997/3
Change of membership requirements
ATM 4-15-1997/3
Changes in terms of office; vacancies
Public Works Commissioners
ATM 4-16-1991/10
Authorized as members of the Joint Water Board to handle documents to provide EPA/DEP access to property owned jointly by the Towns of Randolph and Holbrook
Redevelopment Authority
School Planning and Building Committee
ATM 3-15-1971/8
Membership changed from 14 to 10
STM 5-8-2000/5
Authorize Home Rule Petition to establish position of Treasurer/Collector
ATM 3-20-1979/15
Term of office extended from 1 to 3 years
Tree Warden
STM 10-24-1949/20
3-year term of office
Youth Commission
STM 7-6-1964/2
Membership raised from 15 to 25