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Village of Millerton, NY
Dutchess County
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In the event that the pipes of the consumer are not in proper condition for the installation of a meter, the customer shall cause said pipes, at the point where said meter is to be installed, to be put in proper condition prior to the installation of said meter.
If, due to negligence on the part of the owner, the meter becomes inoperable, the owner will be charged for the cost of the meter.
Each building or part thereof having unrelated occupancy or separate or distinct use may, at the option of the owner, have a separate meter, but said meter shall be secured from the Village and paid for by the owner, together with the cost of installation thereof. Said meter shall be installed under the direction and to the satisfaction of the Village.
If a meter is out of order and fails to register, the consumer will be charged at the average consumption as shown by the meter when in order.
No seal placed by the Water Department for the protection of any meter, valve or other water connection shall be tampered with or defaced. If the seal is broken, the Water Department reserves the right to remove and test the meter at the customer's expense.