Town of Newington, CT
Hartford County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Officials and employees in the classified services of the Town as described in § C-902 below shall be appointed, promoted and removed solely on the basis of merit and fitness demonstrated by examination or other evidence of competence. The Council shall, by ordinance, establish a classified service system, including a grievance procedure, for all Town employees, except the following: elected officials and persons appointed to fill vacancies in elective offices; members of boards and commissions and other officials appointed by the Council; certified employees of the Board of Education; persons employed in professional capacity to make or conduct a temporary or special inquiry, study or investigation; part-time personnel and persons employed for a temporary period not exceeding three months.
The classified service shall include appointees to all positions now or hereafter created except those noted in § C-901. It shall be the duty of the Personnel Director to cause to be prepared a statement of the duties and responsibilities of each position in the classified service and of the minimum qualifications for appointments to such positions. These statements shall comprise the classification plan of the Town, which shall become effective upon approval by resolution of the Council and which may be amended, upon recommendation of the Personnel Director, by resolution of the Council. New or additional positions in the classified service may be created and changes in the duties and responsibilities of existing positions may be made by resolution of the Council upon recommendation of the Personnel Director. A pay plan for all positions in the classified service shall be similarly prepared, adopted and amended. The Personnel Director shall also cause to have prepared a set of personnel rules which shall provide, among other things, for the method of holding competitive examinations, administration of the classification plan, probationary periods of employment, hours of work, vacations, sick leave and other leaves of absence, removals, and such other rules as may be necessary to provide an adequate and systematic procedure for the handling of the personnel affairs of the Town. Such rules and amendments thereto become effective upon being filed by the Personnel Director with the Town Clerk. Copies of such rules and any amendments thereto shall be distributed to all members of the classified service.
The Personnel Director shall be the Manager or, when the Council shall so determine, a person qualified in personnel administration shall be appointed by the Manager, in accordance with this article. The Personnel Director shall be responsible for administering the personnel affairs of the Town and for making recommendations respecting personnel matters to the Council and the Manager.
Except in the case of a bona fide occupational qualification or need, no Town employee or applicant for employment by the Town shall be appointed, promoted, reduced, removed, or in any way favored or discriminated against for reasons set forth in Connecticut General Statutes or because of any reason unconnected with the performance of the duties of the position.
The Council may provide by ordinance a system of retirement allowances for the Town's regular full-time paid employees and for contributions by employees and the Town to a fund from which such allowances shall be paid. The Town may: enter into contract with any company or institution authorized to do business in this State for the purpose of insuring the whole or any part of this retirement plan; elect to participate in the Connecticut Municipal Employees Retirement Fund; elect to participate in the old-age and survivors insurance system under Title II of the Social Security Act, in accordance with the provisions of the Connecticut General Statutes; or elect any combination thereof. The Council may authorize the transfer of the management and investment of the Town's pension funds to any fiduciary institution chartered or licensed to operate in the State of Connecticut under the provisions of the Connecticut General Statutes.
Any elected or appointed Town official, or any Town employee, who has a personal or financial interest in any matter to be acted upon or coming before his/her board, commission, or office shall make full record disclosure in writing of that interest which shall be incorporated in the minutes of the particular board, commission or office, and a full copy of such minutes shall be filed in the office of the Town Clerk, and such person shall be disqualified to act in any way upon such matter. Violation of this section with knowledge, expressed or implied, will make said decision voidable.[1]
Editor's Note: See § 32-5, Conflict of interest.