McLean County, IL
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[Adopted 11-16-1982, effective 12-1-1982 (Ch. 9, § 9.61, of the 1986 Code)]
The County of McLean, Illinois, provides pension coverage under the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund, hereafter referred to as "IMRF."
The 1982 Manual for Authorized Agents specifies at Section 3.65B that "if a probationary policy is established by appropriate action of the governing body, the probationary position may be classified as separate from a permanent position. If the probationary position is one normally expected to require performance of duty for less than the annual six-hundred-hour standard,[1] then an employee will not participate in IMRF while employed in the probationary position. During this time the employee would be covered by social security only."
Editor's Note: The current IMRF standard is 1,000 hours.
Certain positions at the McLean County Nursing Home have experienced, and will continue to experience, a high rate of turnover because of the nature of the employment, and such turnover creates an unnecessary fiscal burden when enrolling and terminating such short-term employees. Therefore, it has been ordained that certain positions be excluded from IMRF coverage until the one-thousand-hour standard has been satisfied.
[Amended 2-17-2015]
[Amended 2-17-2015]
Nothing in this article shall be construed as abrogating the evaluation period specified in Chapter 108, Personnel Policies and Procedures, § 108-19.