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Worcester County, MD
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
There is hereby created the position of Warden of the county jail, who shall be appointed by and shall be responsible to the County Commissioners. The Warden shall be responsible for the operation, control and regulation of the county jail and shall be responsible for the regulation, care and feeding of all prisoners in the jail from the time they are committed until they are discharged, released or withdrawn from the jail pursuant to proper legal authority. He shall maintain a record of all prisoners committed to the jail and such other records and accounts as may be required by the court or the County Commissioners.
The duties of Warden hereunder shall commence upon such date as may be set by the County Commissioners by resolution. Until the Warden's duties so commence, his duties hereunder shall be performed by the Sheriff of Worcester County.
The County Commissioners shall provide the Warden with such staff, equipment, supplies and other items for the operation of the jail as said Commissioners may approve in the annual operating budget. The staff of the jail shall be employed pursuant to the provisions of the prevailing county employee merit system.
All persons committed to the custody of the Sheriff of Worcester County, unless otherwise provided by statute or order of court, shall be kept in the Worcester County Jail under the regulation of the Warden of the county jail.
Except as may be specifically provided by Public General Law or by a contract between the State of Maryland and the County Commissioners, no sentence to the county jail may be for more than six months.
[Added 9-8-1992 by Bill No. 92-15]
Entitlement to medical and dental care. Generally, prisoners incarcerated in the Worcester County Jail shall be entitled to necessary and reasonable medical and dental care as required by state or federal law during incarceration, which shall be provided at the expense of the prisoner. In cases where the prisoner is unable to pay for such dental and medical care, the County Commissioners shall advance funds on behalf of the prisoner directly to the care provider or other proper recipient to obtain such care. The prisoner shall, at the time of each advance, be liable to the county for the advance.
Reasonable medical and dental care. The county shall be liable to advance payment only for reasonable medical and dental care, which shall not include any elective or non-medically required procedure. The County Commissioners may consult with physicians, dentists or other health-care professionals to determine whether or not a procedure is elective or non-medically required.
Judgment and collection. Any prisoner requesting or requiring and receiving such medical or dental care shall be deemed to have agreed to repay the county for the costs thereof. The county may require written requests for medical care, which may include acknowledgment and agreement on the part of the prisoner that the prisoner will be liable to the county should the county advance payment for such medical or dental care. Where payment has been made by the county, third-party payers such as medical insurance, Medicare, Medicaid or other entitlement programs or insurance contracts or insurance carriers shall be liable to the county to the extent that they are liable to the prisoner receiving the care.
Collection. The county shall make every reasonable effort to collect any amounts due from prisoners hereunder, including any deductible from insurance, coinsurance amounts or other entitlement programs and including those items not covered by such insurance or programs.
Screening and medical histories. The county shall have the right to obtain medical and dental histories from prisoners upon their incarceration. Medical and dental histories shall include information on medical and dental insurance, entitlement programs or other similar methods of funding.