Township of Cranberry, PA
Butler County
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Ord. 57
Prior Zoning Ordinance
Ord. 60
Amending Ord. 57,
Ord. 67
Amending Ord. 57
Ord. 69
Amending Ord. 57, zoning map to rezone certain property owned by Edward Locher and Mary Locher, his wife, from R-3 and R-1 to C-2
Ord. 70
Amending Ord. 57, amending zoning map to rezone certain property owned by Esther Meyerl from R-1 to C-2
Ord. 76
Ord. 83
Amending Ord. 57
Ord. 86
Amending Ord. 57, changing property of John T. Graham and Elizabeth Kress from SP-1 to R-2
Ord. 94
Amending Ord. 57, adding provision re: single-family dwelling unit lots in SP-1
Ord. 95
Amending Ord. 57, concerning SP-1
Ord. 96
Amending Ord. 57
Ord. 97
Amending Ord. 57, transferring 4 acres owned by Herbert and Diane Meussner from SP-1 to R-2
Ord. 98
Amending Ord. 57
Ord. 103
Amending Ord. 57, amending Rural Residential (R-1)
Ord. 105
Amending Ord. 76, PRD
Ord. 106
Amending Ord. 57
Ord. 108
Amending Ord. 57, Increasing membership of Zoning Hearing Board from 3 to 5
Ord. 111
Amending Ord. 57
Ord. 115
Amending Ord. 57, rezones from SP-1 to C-2
Ord. 117
Amending Ord. 57
Ord. 126
Amending the Zoning Ordinance for C-3 Zoning District to permit public buildings, churches and schools
Ord. 128
Amending Ord. 57, rezoning tract belonging to A. Feil along Goehring Road from SP-1 to R-2
Ord. 129
Amending Ord. 57
Ord. 132
Amending Ord. 57
Ord. 133
Amending the Zoning Ordinance, § 88-7 standards and requirements of the Planned Unit Development for optional bonuses increases in density requirements
Ord. 137
Amending Ord. 57
Ord. 138
Amending Ord. 57
Ord. 144
Amending Ord. 57
Ord. 147
Amending zoning map, Rezoning portion of land of TRACO from R-1 to SP-1
Ord. 148
Zoning map amend; changing certain parcels from R-2 to SU-1
Ord. 153
Amending zoning map; rezoning property from R-1 to R-3, property of Carl M. Zotter and Frank J. Zotter
Ord. 155
Amending Ord. 57
Ord. 158
Rezoning property of Ryan Homes, Inc., from R-2 to C-1
Ord. 160
Amending Ord. 57
Ord. 162
Zoning map amend.; Edward H. Locher and Mary Locher, R-1 to C-2
Ord. 163
Amending Ord. 57
Ord. 164
Amending Ord. 57
Ord. 166
Amending Ord. 57
Ord. 171
Zoning map amend.; property of James A. West from R-3 to SP-1
Ord. 172
Amending Ord. 57
Ord. 175
To re-zone a parcel owned by Cranberry Village, Inc. (selling to the Pinnacle Care Corporation), containing 10.216 acres from C-1 to R-3 for the purpose of constructing and operating a nursing home.
Ord. 176
To re-zone a parcel owned by Anne Mary Thompson (selling), containing approximately 3.90 acres from R-1 to C-2
Ord. 183
To re-zone certain property owned by Enterprise Development, INC. and consisting of approximately 61 acres from SP-1 Special Growth to R-1 Rural Residential District.
Ord. 184
To re-zone certain property owned by Harold J. Schneider and Rose E. Schneider, and consisting of approximately 73.4507 acres from SP-1 Special Growth to R-1 Rural Residential District.
Ord. 185
To re-zone certain property owned by Matilda P. Koenig from R-1 Rural Residential District to R-3 Multi-family Residential District and to re-zone certain property owned by Loyal J. Park from R-1 Rural Residential District to R-3 Multi-family Residential District.
Ord. 188
Amending Ord. 57
Ord. 191
Amending Ord. 57
Ord. 199
Amending Ord. 57
Ord. 204
To re-zone a certain parcel of property owned by William A. Gantzner and Alice Gantzer containing approximately 9.5 acres from R-3 Multifamily Residential District to SU-1 Special Use District.
Ord. 205
Amending PRD and Subdivision of Land, revising procedures for setting densities in PRD in the R-1 and R-2 Districts; defining net development potential, density credit, gross development potential, common open space, net site area and gross site area; increased density based upon open space provided, revises open space requirements based on site area minus rights-of-way and areas designated for detention facilities; and adds design criteria for the evaluation of natural characteristics. In Subdivision, this amendment creates provisions for commonly owned detention facilities, access easements and maintenance, and establishes regulations for the organization of homeowners associations.
Ord. 206
To re-zone two certain parcels of property owned by Three Rivers Aluminum Company containing approximately 7.46 acres and 10.03 acres, respectively from R-1 Rural Residential District to SP-1 Special Growth District.
Ord. 211
Adopting a capital improvement program for transportation facilities; revising the roadway sufficiency analysis; creating transportation service areas; imposing an impact fee.
Ord. 92-214
Amending the zoning chapter, add definitions, establish parking requirements, conditional uses in the SP-1 district, and restrict commercial recreation and entertainment uses in R-1, C-2, SU-1 and SP-1 Districts for arenas, convention/exposition centers and major highway.
Ord. 92-215
Amending the zoning map to re-zone three certain parcels of property.
Ord. 92-219
Revise temporary use permit requirements and applicable fees; to provide an incremental scale of damages in the form of fines assessed in the enforcement proceedings.
Ord. 92-223
To define greenhouses, nurseries and appurtenant accessory structures and to re-establish uses as conditional uses in the R-1 district; and eliminate temporary off-site directional signs and prohibits placement of telephone and communications paging and fax numbers on all signage.
Ord. 93-227
To re-zone one parcel of property owned by the Brush Creek Valley Sportsmen's Club, Incorporated, containing approximately 100 acres from SP-1 Special Growth District to R-1 Rural Residential District.
Ord. 94-234
Adding definitions and terms revising accessory building setback requirements in the R-1, R-2, and R-3 districts, and requiring building and zoning permits for above ground pools and other accessory structures.
Ord. 94-237
To re-zone property owned by J.H. Autenreith, Jr. and by R.D. Kress and Kress Brothers Builders, Inc., respectively located east of Powell Road and containing approximately 157.3 acres, from SP-1 Special Growth District to R-1 Rural Residential District.
Ord. 95-241
Repealing in its entirety Ch. 88 PRD and amending Ch. 108 Zoning by providing for, open space development with definitions, purposes, plat processing procedures, and plat specifications; standards and requirements for open space development including site requirements of a minimum of no less than 10 net acres; permitted uses; permitted dwelling types; allowable density based upon net acreage of 1.2 units per acre in R-1, 2.0 units per acre in R-2, 5.5 units per acre in R-3, and 12 units per acre in SU-1, and providing bonus densities upon payment of fees in lieu of dedicated recreation land; requirements for public water and sewer service and for minimum lot sizes, minimum yards and distances; also design standards relating to open space development for placement of accessory structures, impervious coverage, height, street trees, parking, landscaping, sidewalks, lighting, signage, and placement of loading docks, solid waste facilities; requirements for a minimum of 35% passive common open space lands and provides location, access, management and ownership requirements for such common open space lands; open space developments as permitted uses in the R-1, R-2, R-3 and SU-1 districts and eliminates PRDs in all districts; requirements for developments, exceeding 5 lots or 10 acres in R-2 for townhomes and garden apartments.
Ord. 95-242
Amending Ch. 108 Zoning, providing for procedures for conditional use approval; providing for large land development or use centers by conditional use with appropriate standards and criteria; providing requirements for conformity with the official map and procedures for a special encroachment permit and appeals for denial of such a permit; adding definitions in relation to these provisions; amending requirements for landscaping of nonresidential sites and for exterior lighting of sites subject to site plan approval; adding a restriction on impervious surfaces in nonresidential districts; and providing for severability and the repeal of prior inconsistent ordinances.
Ord. 95-246
1 of 3 of the Curative amendment, amending zoning chapter, providing for purposes, definitions, procedures, application content, and standards and conditions for planned residential development approval; permitted uses in planned residential limitations, impervious surface regulations, parking area, landscaping, loading areas, pedestrian walkways, common shared parking areas, accessible parking requirements; the repeal of ordinance 95-41.
Ord. 95-248
To re-zone 80 acres of property owned by Joseph and Laverne Fisher from R-3 Multi-Family Residential District to SU-1 Special Use District.
Ord. 95-249
To re-zone 15 acres of property owned by Joseph and Laverne Fisher from SP-1 Special Growth District and C-2 Highway Commercial District, to SU-1 Special Use District.
Ord. 95-250
2 of 3 of the Curative amendment, amending zoning chapter, additional uses in designated districts; updating and clarifying the names and definitions of existing uses; standards for parking structures; general requirements and express standards for new and existing uses; adding new zoning districts.
Ord. 95-252
3 of 3 of the Curative amendment, amending zoning chapter, repealing in its entirety Signs and adopting new Signs
Ord. 96-262
An ordinance creating a chapter in the Township Code entitled "Political Signs."
Ord. 96-263
To re-zone approximately 130 acres of property from SU-1 Special Use District to BPK Business Park District.
Ord. 96-264
To re-zone approximately .92 of an acre from R-3 Residential to SU-1 Special Use District.