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Village of Cassopolis, MI
Cass County
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[Adopted 12-15-1992 by Ord. No. 176A (Ch. 2, Art. III, Div. 2, of the 2003 Code of Ordinances)]
In accordance with the authority for the appointment of such Village officers as the Council shall deem necessary for the execution of the powers granted to the Village contained in Section 2 of Chapter II and Section 8 of Chapter V of Public Act No. 3 of 1895 (MCLA § 65.8), there is established the office of Village Manager.
The Village President, with the concurrence of four or more Village trustees, shall appoint or designate an acting Village Manager during a vacancy in the office of Village Manager and shall make a permanent appointment within 180 days from the effective date of the vacancy. The Village Manager, appointed in accordance with § 40-1, shall be deemed to be the Acting Manager from the date of this appointment.
Editor's Note: Amended at time of adoption of Code (see Ch. 1, General Provisions, Art. II).
The Village Manager shall be the chief administrative officer of the Village and shall be responsible to the Village Council for the efficient administration of all affairs of the Village and shall exercise management supervision over all departments and over all public property belonging to the Village.
The Village Manager shall have the following functions and duties:
Attend all meetings of the Village Council and committees thereof and take part therein but without a vote.
Be responsible for personnel management and shall issue, subject to Village Council approval, personnel rules applicable to all Village employees. The Village Manager shall also have the following responsibilities:
To appoint, suspend or remove all appointed administrative officers and department heads, subject to Village Council approval. The Village Manager shall recommend to the Village Council the salary or wages to be paid each such official.
To appoint, suspend or remove all other employees of the Village. All such actions shall be based on merit and taken pursuant to personnel rules approved by the Village Council. The Village Manager shall fix the salaries or wages of all such employees, subject to Village Council approval.
Exercise supervisory control over all departments including the Police Department, the Department of Public Works and the Fire Department. The Chief of Police, Street Commissioner and Chief of the Fire Department shall be subject to the direction of the Village Manager.
Exercise supervisory responsibility over the accounting, budgeting, personnel, purchasing and related management functions of the Village Clerk and Village Treasurer.
Be authorized to attend all meetings of Village boards and commissions, including the Village Planning Commission, with the right to take part therein but without a vote.
Prepare and administer the budget as provided for in the Uniform Budgeting and Accounting Act, Public Act No. 2 of 1968 (MCLA § 141.421 et seq.).
Be the purchasing agent of the Village.
Prepare and maintain an administrative code defining the duties and functions of the several officers and departments of the Village, subject to approval by the Village Council.
Investigate all complaints concerning the administration of the Village, and shall have authority at all times to inspect the books, records and papers of any agent, employee or officer of the Village.
Make recommendations to the Village Council for the adoption of such measures as may be deemed necessary or expedient for the improvement or betterment of the Village.
Perform other duties required from time to time by the Village Council.
Neither the Village Council nor the Village President shall attempt to influence the employment of any person by the Village Manager, or in any way interfere in the management of departments under the jurisdiction of the Village Manager. Except for purposes of inquiry, the Village President and Village Council and its members shall deal with departments under the jurisdiction of the Village Manager through the Village Manager.