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Village of Cassopolis, MI
Cass County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
The provisions of this article are the basic minimum standards for rental housing units. Every dwelling unit must meet these standards and contain the basic equipment and facilities specified in this article.
Every dwelling unit having food preparation facilities shall have in the food preparation area the following equipment in full and proper working condition: a sink connected to the municipal water and sewer, and either a stove and a refrigerator, or a place in which such appliances might be located.
Every dwelling unit shall contain a separate room which affords privacy to a person within such room, and which is equipped with a flush toilet, lavatory basin and a bathtub or shower, all in good working condition and connected to the municipal water and sewer systems.
Each kitchen and bath of each dwelling unit shall have properly installed hot and cold running water, in good working condition, in sufficient quantity, and connected to the municipal water and sewer systems.
Every dwelling unit shall have heating facilities in a safe and working condition, and capable of adequately heating all habitable areas of the dwelling unit to a minimum interior temperature of 60° F. All mechanical equipment shall be maintained in a safe and good working condition.
Every existing kitchen and habitable room in a dwelling unit shall contain at least two separate floor or wall electrical outlets. Cords to appliances and other electrical devices shall not be permitted to run through doorways, under rugs, be stapled to wood baseboards or run through the holes in partitions or floors. All outlets and fixtures shall be properly installed and maintained in a good working condition, and shall be connected to an outside source of electrical power in a safe manner.
Every habitable room on an outside wall of the dwelling shall have at least one window or skylight which can be easily opened for adequate ventilation and escape in the case of an emergency, except where there is supplied some other device or method of affording adequate ventilation and escape, which is approved by the Village Building Inspector.
Every public hall and/or stairway in an apartment house or multiple-dwelling unit shall have, at all times, adequate light and/or lighting fixtures, maintained by the landlord.
Each individual rental unit, apartment house, etc., shall have an approved and fully operational smoke detector in each individual unit. Every apartment house or multiple-dwelling unit shall have a smoke detector in each hallway serving one or more individual housing units. Each smoke detector shall be properly inspected by the Village Building Inspector at such times as the building is inspected, and the working order of the smoke detector shall be indicated on the inspection form.
Every dwelling unit, apartment, multiple dwelling unit and every part thereof, shall be kept clean and free of any accumulation of filth, rubbish, garbage and other matter in or on such dwelling unit, or in the yards, courts, passages or hallways belonging to such dwelling unit, including the immediate property surrounding the dwelling unit.
Every dwelling unit, apartment, multiple dwelling unit and every part thereof, shall be kept free of uncaged rodents, other similar pests, uncaged birds, cockroaches, fleas, lice and vermin.
Every habitable room used for sleeping purposes shall contain adequate space to maintain safe and sanitary conditions for the number of occupants sleeping in such room.
All dwelling units shall have located near the kitchen facilities in the unit a fire extinguisher. The fire extinguisher shall have a minimum capacity of five pounds and shall be either carbon dioxide or dry chemical type, in good working order and bearing a current inspection certificate. Each fire extinguisher shall be properly inspected by the Village Building Inspector or at such time as the building is inspected, and the working order of the fire extinguisher shall be indicated on the inspection form.
Structures. Every foundation, wall and roof shall be reasonably weathertight, watertight and rodentproof, and shall be capable of privacy and kept in good repair. The foundation elements shall adequately support the building at all points. Every exterior wall shall be free of holes, breaks, loose or rotting boards or timbers, and any other condition which would admit rain, dampness or rodents to the interior portions of the walls, or which might provide harborage for insects or other carriers of disease. Exterior walls and wood trim shall be well and sufficiently painted so as to prevent them from deteriorating and becoming havens for rodents, insects and other carriers of disease. The roof shall be structurally sound, tight and have no defects which would admit rain.
Exterior attachments. Exterior attachments to basic structural elements, including, but not limited to, gutters, downspouts, screening, vents, antennas, awnings, utility connections, etc., shall be in good repair.
Stairs and porches. Every inside and outside stair, porch and appurtenant thereto shall be so constructed as to be safe to use and capable of supporting the loads to which they are subjected, and shall be kept in sound condition and in good repair. In the case of a flight of stairs with more than three risers, the Village Building Inspector may require a handrail. Such handrails shall be firmly fastened and shall be maintained in good condition.
Openings. Every window, exterior door and basement hatchway, and their frames, shall be substantially tight and shall be kept in sound condition and repair so as to be waterproof and weatherproof. All exterior opening windows, doors and hatchways will be equipped with screens to keep out rodents, insects and other carriers of disease.
Chimneys. All chimneys shall be kept in sound condition, free of holes or breaks.
Street numbers. All buildings shall bear distinctive street numbers at or near the front entrance of such building.
No responsible party shall keep or maintain a dwelling unit that is in an unsafe condition due to, but not limited to, the following:
Unsanitary conditions;
Inadequate exit facilities;
Existence of a fire hazard;
Any condition which is dangerous to human life or to the public welfare; or
Illegal maintenance.
The responsible party shall make the dwelling safe by repairing or removing any unsafe condition in accordance with this chapter, other pertinent provisions of other Village ordinances and other state or federal laws and statutes.
With respect to any premises constructed or converted to rental use after the effective date of the ordinance from which this chapter is derived, there shall be provided a minimum space for off-street parking for motor vehicles equal to two spaces for each single rental building, and two spaces for each rental unit in a multi residential building or apartment, or provided for in one or more parking compounds conveniently located and readily accessible to the sites which they are intended to serve. Each parking space shall have a minimum width of nine feet and 20 feet in length. Such parking areas shall be graded and surfaced so as to permit drainage and disposal of surface water and/or snow accumulating within the confines of the parking area.
Every unit and structure shall comply with all applicable building codes and other ordinances adopted by the Village Council as minimum building and use requirements and incorporated in this chapter by reference.