Town of Bedford, NH
Hillsborough County
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[Adopted 3-8-1983 by Art. 3]
Cuts shall be parallel or perpendicular to the line of the trench. In the case of transverse or diagonal trenching, the pavement shall be sawn to provide a flat diamond-shaped patch with a two-foot minimum overlap on undisturbed material that will permit only one wheel of a vehicle at a time to strike the patch area.
Within the sawn limits of the final patch, the existing pavement and any temporary patch material shall be removed and replaced with an equal depth of Type 1-1 asphaltic concrete laid and compacted to meet the existing pavement edge exactly.
The face of all joints shall be painted with asphalt cement before the asphaltic concrete is placed.
In cases where multiple excavations are made in a street which would result in the edge of patches being closer than 20 feet, the Public Works Director may require a continuous patch.
On surface-treated gravel highways, feathering the edges of patches shall be allowed.
Within areas of cement concrete or stone base overlayed with asphalt, the Department will require the replacement of the cement concrete or stone base with Class A portland cement concrete, reinforced or nonreinforced, as specified in the New Hampshire Standard Specifications, to a depth equal to that removed and then overlay with Type 1-1 asphaltic concrete as specified above.
The permittee agrees to furnish a continuing surety bond in an amount determined by the Director of the Department of Public Works, guaranteeing the fulfillment of the provisions, instructions, and regulations prescribed above and later instructions issued by the Department during the performance of the work and satisfactory maintenance of the disturbed areas for a period as determined by the Director following the completion of the work.[1]
Editor's Note: Amended at time of adoption of Code (see Ch. 1, General Provisions, Art. I).
The permit shall be kept with the foreman (of the applicant having the work) in charge at the place where the work is being performed and shall be produced for examination upon request.
The permittee, as a condition of the permit, shall agree to indemnify and protect the Town of Bedford against all liability, claims, or demands for injuries or damage, including claims for loss or interruption of business in cases where the encumbrance or construction impedes the flow of traffic, to any person or property arising out of activities of the permittee, its servants, employees, agents representatives, or subcontractors.
The permittee, as a condition of the permit, shall agree to carry the following insurance:
Comprehensive general liability insurance.
Comprehensive general liability insurance with limits not less than $1,000,000 per occurrence for bodily injury and $500,000 per occurrence for property damage and automobile liability insurance with limits not less than $500,000 per person and $1,000,000 per occurrence for bodily injury and $500,000 per occurrence for property damage covering all activities of the permittee for the full period of the permit. Such insurance shall include the Town of Bedford and the Highway Department, including all officials and employees thereof.
Such insurance shall include:
All activities including use of all vehicles.
Contractual liability covering this permit.
Coverage for the so-called "x.c.u." hazard, i.e., collapse of buildings, blastings, and damage to underground property.
Completed operations hazard for a period of at least two years following the acceptance by the Highway Department of the completed permit.
Personal injury coverage (in addition to bodily injury).
Workmen's compensation insurance. The permittee shall carry workmen's compensation insurance including employer's liability insurance with limits of $100,000, whether or not required by the New Hampshire Revised Statutes Annotated, 1955, as amended, for all activities of the permittee during the period of the permit.
Insurance on independent contractors. Insurance similar to that required of the permittee shall be provided by or on behalf of all independent contractors used by the permittee during the period of this permit. The permittee shall be held responsible for any modifications in these insurance requirements as they apply to independent contractors.
Proof of coverage. Insurance certificates evidencing the above coverage are to be furnished the Highway Department prior to issuance of the permit and shall provide for not less than 30 days' prior notice to the Highway Department of any cancellation or major change in the policies.
Revocation of permits. The purchase of the insurance required or the furnishing of the aforesaid certificates shall not be a satisfaction of the permittee's liability hereunder or in any way modify the permittee's indemnification responsibilities to the Town of Bedford. The Public Works Director may revoke any permit issued under this regulation at any time.