Township of Kingston, PA
Luzerne County
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Agreed to accept Trucksville Veterans Association Building. (Res. 9/9/1959)
Agreed to sell Township building and property on Memorial Highway to the State Highway Department. (Res. 11/8/1961)
Agreed to bids for construction of new Township building. (Res. 12/18/1963)
Agreed to sign documents to receive grant from the U.S. Home and Housing Finance Agency for the building (F-3). (Res. 12/18/1963)
Agreed to accept land from the Trucksville Fire Company for the Township building. (Res. 12/18/1963)
Agreed to contracts for the new Township building. (Res. 1/6/1964)
Agreed to pay the Trucksville Fire Company $588.42 for the land for the Township Building. (Res. 4/8/1964)
Agreed to accept the return of the above money (F-8) to pay the architect for fees for the design of the fire company sector in the Township building. (Res. 4/8/1964)
Agreed to accept a gift of $2600 from Myrtle and John Funke to brick face the Township building. (Res. 5/13/1964)
Purchased lot behind the Township building from the Lehigh Valley Railroad for $100. (Res. 11/11/1964)
Agreed to accept a plot of land from the State (the "Big Bend" of Harvey Lake Road). (Res. 9/26/1968)
Agreed to a twenty feet (20') easement three hundred and ten feet (310') long from Carverton Road to the rear of the Township property for use by the Municipal Authority. (Res. 3/10/1971)
Sold land under Township warehouse to the State for $14,400. The Township is to remove the building. (Res. 5/12/1971)
Agreed to the bids to construct the Township Services Building. (Res. 4/26/1972)
Transfer of land purchased from PennDot to Kingston Township Association. (Res. 12/12/1973)
Approved a lease agreement from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for a mini-park in Carverton Road, Trucksville, for five years. (Res. 7/13/1977)
Approved contract for enlarging the Township building. (Res. 1/3/1978)
Agreed to sell Township property on Route 309 to the Ambulance Association for one dollar ($1.00). (Res. 11/29/1979)
Granting Kingston Township to acquire the North Lehigh Street parcel, which land is to be held and used for permanent park and recreations purposes. (Res. 85-4)
Authorizing the Board of Supervisors of the Township of Kingston to appropriate, by eminent domain, a permanent easement over, upon and along the following piece or parcel of land, being premises owned by Edward Sherlinski and Susan Sherlinski, his wife, as described in the Luzerne County Deed Book Volume No. 2026 at page 762, etc., for the purposes of the installation and maintenance of a stormwater management facility. (Ord. 1998-3, 4/8/1998)