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Town of Austerlitz, NY
Columbia County
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By the authority of the resolution of the Town Board of the Town of Austerlitz, and pursuant to the previsions of Article 16 of the Town Law of the State of New York, the Planning Board of the Town of Austerlitz is authorized and empowered to approve preliminary and final plats of subdivisions, showing lots, blocks or sites, with or without roads or highways, to approve the development of entirely or partially undeveloped plats already filed in the office of the Clerk of the county and to approve preliminary plats within the Town of Austerlitz.
It is to be the policy of the Planning Board to consider land subdivision plats as part of a plan for the orderly, efficient, environmentally safe and economically sound development of the Town of Austerlitz in accordance with the Comprehensive Plan adopted in September 2004, which may be amended from time to time. This policy requires, but is not limited to, meeting the following general standards:
Land to be subdivided shall be of such character that, when it is used for building purposes, it will be safe and without danger to health or peril from fire, flood or other menace.
That proper provision shall be made for drainage, water supply, sewage, utilities and other needed improvements.
That all proposed lots shall be so laid out and of such size as to be in harmony with the development pattern of the neighboring properties.
New development shall be laid out in a manner that reflects and compliments existing development patterns and that integrates new development into the existing road network.
That the proposed roads shall compose a convenient system conforming to the Official Map, if such exists, and shall be properly related to the goals shown within the Town of Austerlitz Comprehensive Plan and shall be of such width, grade and location as to accommodate the prospective traffic, to follow the natural contours of the land, to afford adequate light and space, have minimum disruption of the natural environment, and to facilitate fire protection and to provide access of fire-fighting and emergency equipment to buildings, as well as conform to existing Town roadway laws.
That proper provision shall be made for open spaces or for parks, trails and recreational areas.
That due consideration be given to the protection and enhancement of the environment, and that human and community resources be given appropriate weight with social and economic consideration in reaching decisions regarding the subdivision of land. Proper provision shall be made for leaving undeveloped natural areas and corridors to mitigate the adverse environmental impacts of subdivision and to sustain a diversity of native vegetation and wildlife and to protect water sources, agricultural land, and scenic viewsheds.
Future capital development shall bear a fair share of the capital costs to the Town for municipal improvements servicing such new development.
In order that land subdivisions may be made in accordance with this policy, this chapter shall be known as, and may be cited as, the "Town of Austerlitz Land Subdivision Regulations," having been duly adopted by the Town in accordance with applicable law.
All provisions of this chapter shall be construed to fulfill the purposes and policies stated in § 167-1 above.
Should this chapter conflict with or otherwise be inconsistent with any provision of any regulation of the Town of Austerlitz, the more stringent provision shall apply.