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Allegany County, MD
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
In order to assist Code users in the transition to the new Code's organization, the Derivation Table indicates where chapters and articles of the 1984 Code have been included in the 2011 Code, or the reason for exclusion.
Repealed effective with adoption of Code; see Ch. 1, Art. I.
Chapter/Title From 1984 Code
Location in 2011 Code
Ch. 1, General Provisions
Art. I, Adoption of Code
See Ch. 1, Art. I
Ch. 2, Administrator
Ch. 5
Ch. 4, Agricultural Land Preservation Advisory Board
Ch. 9
Ch. 12, Attorney, State's
Ch. 16
Ch. 15, Boundary Lines
Ch. 23
Ch. 20, Classified Service
Ch. 31
Ch. 22, Commission for Women
Ch. 44
Ch. 23, Commissioners
Ch. 38
Ch. 26, Comptroller
Ch. 101
Ch. 29, Corporations, Municipal
Ch. 32, Court, Circuit
Ch. 73
Ch. 33, Cresaptown Special Taxing District
Ch. 166, Art. IX
Ch. 35, Election Districts and Precincts
Ch. 86
Ch. 36, Employee Relations
Art. I, County Employee Relations
Ch. 91, Art. I
Ch. 38, Environmental Pollution Control Committee
Ch. 40, Ethics for Public Officials
Ch. 98
Ch. 42, Fire Companies
Art. I, Fire and Rescue Companies
Ch. 146, Art. I
Art. II, LaVale Fire Area
Ch. 146, Art. II
Art. III, Bedford Road Fire Area
Ch. 146, Art. III
Art. IV, LaVale Volunteer Rescue Squad, Inc.
Ch. 146, Art. IV
Art. V, Bowling Green Fire Area
Ch. 146, Art. V
Art. VI, Cresaptown Fire Area
Ch. 146, VI
Art. VII, Rawlings Fire Area
Ch. 146, VII
Art. VIII, Cresaptown Ambulance Area
Ch. 146, Art. VIII
Ch. 47, Health Advisory Board
Ch. 109
Ch. 50, Infirmaries and Nursing Homes
Art. I, Nursing Home Board
Ch. 140, Art. I
Art. II, County Infirmary and Nursing Home
Ch. 140, Art. II
Ch. 53, Jurors
Ch. 56, LaVale Sanitary District
Ch. 127
Ch. 58, LaVale Zoning District
Ch. 131
Ch. 60, Law Enforcement Officers
Art. I, Appointment
Ch. 135, Art. I
Ch. 67, Compensation for Public Officials
Superseded by Bill No. 2-06; see Ch. 52
Ch. 70, Sheriff
Ch. 160
Ch. 73, Taxing Areas, Special
Art. I, Bel Air
Ch. 166, Art. I
Art. II, Bowling Green and Robert's Place
Ch. 166, Art. II
Art. III, (Reserved)
Art. IV, Ellerslie
Ch. 166, Art. III
Art. V, McCoole
Ch. 166, Art. IV
Art. VI, Mount Savage
Ch. 166, Art. V
Art. VII, Potomac Park Addition
Ch. 166, Art. VI
Art. VIII, Corriganville
Ch. 166, Art. VII
Art. IX, Moscow
Ch. 166, Art. VIII
Ch. 76, Upper Potomac River District
Art. I, General Provisions
Ch. 173, Art. I
Art. II, Sewage and Waste Treatment Facilities
Ch. 173, Art. II
Ch. 79, Water Commission
Ch. 178
Ch. 82, Witnesses, State's
Ch. 184
Ch. 90, Agricultural Land Preservation
Ch. 210
Ch. 96, Bicycles
Art. I, Helmets
Ch. 98, Billiards
Ch. 101, Building Construction
Ch. 255
Ch. 102, Building Code, Handicapped
Ch. 103, Building Permits
Ch. 106, Burning, Malicious
Ch. 117, Dogs and Other Animals
Ch. 225
Ch. 121, Electrical Businesses
Ch. 125, Fire Escapes
Ch. 130, Floodplain Management
Ch. 325
Ch. 132, Gaming, Paper
Ch. 333
Ch. 136, Hawkers and Peddlers
Ch. 342
Ch. 141, Land Development
Ch. 360
Ch. 143, Landlord and Tenant — Rent Control
Ch. 145, Licenses
§ 145-1, Mechanical Music Devices
Ch. 219, Art. I
§ 145-2, Pinball Machines and Similar Devices
Ch. 219, Art. II
§ 145-3, Trailer camps, junkyards and dumps
Ch. 501
Ch. 147, Livability Code
Ch. 375
Ch. 150, Motion-Picture Exhibitions
Ch. 383
Ch. 153, Music Festivals, Outdoor
Ch. 156, Natural Gas
Ch. 394
Ch. 160, Nuisances
Ch. 400
Ch. 166, Plumbing
Ch. 415
Ch. 168, Pollution Control
Ch. 173, Roads
Art. I, General Regulations
Ch. 461, Art. I
Art. II, Construction and Improvements
Ch. 461, Art. II
Ch. 176, Salvage Yards
Ch. 446
Ch. 177, Schools
Art. I, General Regulations
Art. II, Administrative Provisions
Ch. 178, Streets and Sidewalks
Art. I, Sidewalk Maintenance and Approval
Ch. 461, Art. III
Ch. 180, Tattoo Establishments
Ch. 487
Ch. 182, Taxation
Art. I, Tax on Manufacturing Personal Property
Ch. 492, Art. I
Art. II, County Transfer Tax
Ch. 492, Art. II
Art. III, Property Tax Collection Fee
Ch. 492, Art. III
Art. IV, Recordation Tax
Ch. 492, Art. IV
Art. V, Brownfields Property Tax Credit
Ch. 492, Art. V
Art. VI, Historic Tax Credit
Ch. 492, Art. VI
Art. VII, Residential Development Tax Credit
Ch. 492, Art. VII
Art. VIII, Real Estate Tax Set-Aside Program (RETSA)
Ch. 492, Art. VIII
Art. IX, Virginia Avenue Area Targeted Revitalization District Tax Credit
Ch. 492, Art. IX
Art. X, County Homestead Credit Percentage
Ch. 492, Art. X
Ch. 188, Tramps
Ch. 189, Unsafe Structures
Ch. 475
Ch. 190, Utility Use Regulations
Ch. 512
Ch. 192, Junk Abatement
Ch. 354
Ch. 193, Vehicles and Traffic
Art. I, Snow Emergency Routes
Ch. 520, Art. I
Art. II, Parking on County Property
Ch. 520, Art. II
Ch. 197, Wages and Service Charges
Ch. 200, Walkathons and Marathon Contests
Ch. 203, Wastewater Treatment
Art. I, North Branch Pumping Station and Force Main
Ch. 535, Art. I