Township of Woolwich, NJ
Gloucester County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Township Committee of the Township of Woolwich 4-5-2010 by Ord. No. 2010-05. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Agricultural Advisory Committee — See Ch. 2.
Boards, committees and commissions — See Ch. 4.
Business Development Advisory Committee — See Ch. 5.
Conservation Design Ordinance Committee — See Ch. 10.
Environmental Commission — See Ch. 16.
Shade Tree Commission — See Ch. 177, Art. II.
There is hereby created a new chapter within the general ordinances of the Township of Woolwich to be known as Chapter 48, "Volunteer Service Application Procedure."
The purpose of this chapter is to provide residents of the Township of Woolwich with information concerning the various vacancies for appointed municipal boards, commissions, and/or committees, which exist within the Township. The chapter further provides for a procedure whereby a citizen can indicate his/her desire to serve on a particular board, commission, and/or committee. Additionally, the chapter provides for a notification process so that those citizens who have indicated a desire to hold a position will be notified when a vacancy occurs on any board, commission, and/or committee. Finally, this chapter is not intended to apply to a vacancy in the governing body/Township Committee as the state election laws remain in full force with regard to a vacancy of an unexpired term of an elected official.
The following terms as used in this chapter shall have the meanings set forth below unless the context within which the term is used clearly provides for a different meaning:
Any and all appointment(s) to a board, commission, and/or committee within the Township of Woolwich, which is created either by statutory law or by ordinance or resolution. Examples of such positions include but are not limited to Joint Land Use Board, Environmental Commission, Recreation Advisory Committee, or any board, commission, and/or committee of the Township of Woolwich.
The official or body, which by virtue of statutory law or by ordinance or resolution is given the authority to appoint a person to hold a particular position on any board, commission, and/or committee in the Township of Woolwich.
Any open, unfilled, or unoccupied position within the Township's appointed municipal boards, commissions, and/or committees, specifically those positions wherein there is a vacancy to an unexpired term for said appointment.
The Township Clerk shall be responsible for maintaining a register of all boards, commissions, and/or committees. Such register shall be made available on the Township website and at the Municipal Building and shall set forth at least the following:
Title and purpose of each board, commission, and/or committee;
Brief description of each position, powers and duties;
The length of term for the position;
The name of the person currently holding the position, the expiration date of his or her term, and the number of vacant seats on the applicable board, commission, and/or committee;
The dates/times and frequency of any meetings which the holder of the position must attend can also be found on the Township website;
The appointing authority for each board, commission, and/or committee who confirms each appointment.
The Township Clerk, once notified in writing of a resignation and such resignation has been accepted by the appointing authority, shall maintain a current updated listing of all existing vacancies for each appointed board, commission, and/or committee within the Township of Woolwich. Such list shall be made available at the Township Clerk's office as well as the Township website and in the Municipal Building.
Unless essential for the proper functioning and/or carrying on of business of the local agency upon which the vacancy has occurred and there are no named alternates for said board, commission and/or committee, a vacancy shall not be filled for a period of 30 days from its posting in order to allow interested persons time to submit applications as provided in § 48-7.
The Township Clerk shall maintain an application form to be completed by any person interested in serving on a board, commission, and/or committee. Such application form shall, at a minimum, include:
Telephone number.
E-mail address.
Township board, commission, and/or committee being sought.
Qualifications and/or experience.
An application for citizen service for any board, commission, and/or committee filed with the Township Clerk shall be a public record. Telephone and e-mail addresses shall be kept confidential.
Any person interested in serving on any board, commission, and/or committee in the Township of Woolwich may file an application for such position with the Township Clerk. Such application(s) may be filed at any time, whether or not there exist any vacancies on the board, commission, and/or committee. A person may withdraw his or her application at any time.
The Township Clerk shall maintain all filed applications for a period of two calendar years. It shall be the responsibility of the applicant to inform the Township Clerk of any changes to his application, such as telephone number and/or e-mail address.
Prior to filling a position on any board, commission, and/or committee, the appropriate appointing authority shall review each application filed for that position. Each person having submitted an application for an appointment on any board, commission, and/or committee position under consideration to be filled shall be notified of said vacancy by the appointing authority. The appointing authority shall conduct such review, investigation and/or interviews, as the appointing authority deems necessary or advisable, in its discretion. After a decision is reached to fill a vacancy of a board, commission, and/or committee, all those who have submitted an application for that position shall be notified of the said decision.