Township of Upper Burrell, PA
Westmoreland County
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The purpose of this district is to accommodate heavier commercial uses that require larger sites and retail and service uses that serve a regional market located in areas accessible to the regional highway network.
In the C-3 Highway Commercial District, only the following uses are authorized:
Permitted uses.
Principal uses.
Antiques, interior decorating.
Apparel and accessories store.
Appliance store.
Art, book, stationery store.
Automobile service station.
Bakery, commercial.
Bar or tavern.
Beverage distributor.
Business or professional offices.
Business services.
Candy or ice cream store.
Card and gift shop.
Catering service, including rental hall.
Commercial greenhouse.
Commercial school.
Communications antenna mounted on an existing building or on an existing public utility storage or transmission structure, subject to § 350-106.
Convenience store.
Day-care center.
Dry-cleaning pickup store.
Educational studio.
Essential services.
Financial institution.
Florist shop.
Food store.
Forestry, subject to § 350-104.
General merchandise store.
Grocery store.
Health club.
Hobby shop.
Home furnishing store.
Indoor entertainment.
Liquor store.
Medical offices.
Mobile home sales, service and storage.
Motel or hotel.
Oil and gas well operations, subject to § 350-107.
Passive recreation.
Personal services.
Pet grooming.
Pet services.
Private club.
Public utility building or structure.
Restaurant, carry-out.
Restaurant, fast-food.
Restaurant, sit-down.
Retail businesses not otherwise listed herein.
Vehicle accessories sales and installation.
Vehicle rental, sales and service.
Video store, excluding adult video store.
Warehousing and distribution.
Accessory uses.
Drive-through facilities, subject to § 350-100.
Fences, subject to § 350-97.
No-impact home-based business or home occupation in a dwelling that is a nonconforming use.
Off-street parking and loading, subject to Article XVII.
Signs, subject to Article XVIII.
Temporary construction trailer or sales office, subject to § 350-101.
Other accessory uses customarily incidental to and on the same lot with any permitted use, conditional use or use by special exception authorized in this district.
Conditional uses.
Principal uses.
Active recreation, high-impact, subject to § 350-93A(1).
Active recreation, low-impact, subject to § 350-93A(1).
Fire and emergency medical services, subject to § 350-93A(19).
Personal care boarding home, subject to § 350-93A(22).
Planned shopping center, subject to § 350-93A(33).
Accessory uses: none.
Uses by special exception.
Principal uses.
Car wash, subject to § 350-93A(9).
Comparable uses not specifically listed, subject to § 350-93A(14).
Funeral home, subject to § 350-93A(20).
Temporary use or structure, other than a temporary construction trailer or sales office, subject to § 350-93A(39).
Truck and heavy equipment rental, sales and service, subject to § 350-93A(40).
Veterinary clinic, subject to § 350-93A(42).
Accessory uses.
Crematorium accessory to a funeral home, subject to § 350-93A(20).
In the C-3 Highway Commercial District, all uses shall be subject to the following regulations, except as they may be modified by the express standards and criteria for the specific conditional uses and uses by special exception contained in Article XV.
Minimum lot area:
Planned shopping center: five acres.
Individual lots: 0.5 acre (21,780 square feet).
Minimum lot width:
Planned shopping center: 200 feet.
All other uses: 100 feet.
Maximum lot coverage: 40%
Minimum front yard: 50 feet
Minimum rear yard:
All principal structures:
Adjoining any R-A, R-1, R-2 or R-3 District: 50 feet or height of building, whichever is greater.
Adjoining all other districts: 40 feet or height of building, whichever is greater 20 feet.
Accessory structures: 20 feet.
Minimum side yard:
All principal structures:
Adjoining any R-A, R-1, R-2 or R-3 District: 50 feet or height of building, whichever is greater.
Adjoining all other districts: 40 feet or height of building, whichever is greater.
All accessory structures: 20 feet.
Special yard requirements: See § 350-97.
Permitted projections into required yards: See § 350-98.
Maximum height:
All principal structures: three stories, but no more than 45 feet.
All accessory structures: one story, but no more than 20 feet.
Height exceptions: See § 350-99.
See Article XVII.
See Article XVIII.
See § 350-96.
See § 350-103.