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Borough of Spotswood, NJ
Middlesex County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Adopted 5-19-1997 by Ord. No. 1997-530]
The Borough hereby cooperates with all other municipalities which adopt a similar reciprocal ordinance providing for intermunicipal police assistance in times of emergency.
The intermunicipal assistance will be provided if and when the Borough of Spotswood has an emergency within its boundaries requiring additional police assistance to protect life and property, or to assist in suppressing a riot or disorder, and whenever another municipality, which has enacted a similar reciprocal ordinance, may experience a similar emergency requiring additional police assistance.
The Chief of Police of the Borough of Spotswood is hereby authorized to request assistance from the Chief or highest ranking officer on duty of the Police Departments of other municipalities for intermunicipal police assistance during and/or after an emergency situation.
The Chief of Police of the Borough of Spotswood or the highest ranking officer on duty at the time shall provide assistance to another municipality or municipalities making a valid request to supply such personnel and equipment, to the extent possible without endangering person or property within the Borough of Spotswood.
Members of the Borough of Spotswood Police Department supplying emergency assistance to another municipality shall have the same powers and authority, as have the members of the Police Department of the municipality in which said assistance is being rendered. Additionally said members shall also have, while so acting, said rights and immunities as they may otherwise enjoy in the performance of their normal duties within the Borough of Spotswood.
The Borough of Spotswood shall, upon providing assistance to another municipality which has enacted a similar intermunicipal assistance ordinance, assume the cost and expense of providing said personnel and equipment to the requesting municipality, excepting such instances when the requesting municipality receives state or federal aid as reimbursement or if private concerns are involved and the requesting municipality receives reimbursement. Therefore, in this event, the costs incurred by the Borough shall be submitted to the municipality which requested assistance, for reimbursement.
At such times that an emergency may occur and intermunicipal police aid is requested, the Chief of Police of the municipality wherein said emergency situation exists shall be the senior ranking officer of all members of any Police Department rendering assistance within the boundaries of said municipality.
In the event any member of a police force summoned pursuant to an agreement to render assistance suffers injury or death in the performance of his or her duties, he/she or his/her designee or legal representatives shall be entitled to such salary, pension rights, workmen's compensation or other benefits as would have accrued, if such injury or death had occurred in the performance of his or her normal duties.
A copy of this article shall be transmitted to the Municipal Clerk of each municipality in Middlesex County, no later than five business days following its adoption. The Clerk of the Borough of Spotswood shall maintain a record of all such similar ordinances adopted by other municipalities.