Township of West Norriton, PA
Montgomery County
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[Ord. 213, 4/31/1959, § 1]
Any person or persons, club, firm, corporation, partnership, institution or association, desiring to construct, add to, or modify, or to operate any bathing place or swimming pool or any structure intended to be used for bathing or swimming purposes, indoors or outdoors shall, in addition to any other permits required by law, first secure a permit from the Township Engineer of West Norriton Township.
[Ord. 213, 4/31/1959, § 2]
Permits shall be obtained in the following manner: The applicant shall submit to the Township Engineer such plans, drawings, specifications, maps or other data as may be required by him as shall satisfactorily indicate the location; specific dimensions, area, depth; the method of fencing and latching and the method and manner of emptying the pool. After investigation and upon such advice and assistance from the Township Health Officer as the Township Engineer may deem necessary the Township Engineer shall issue a permit if he shall determine that such application is not contrary or dangerous to the public health and welfare. Such permit shall indicate the approved method of drainage. A fee shall be collected in accordance with the Building Code (Chapter 4) of West Norriton Township.
[Ord. 213, 4/31/1959, § 3; as amended by Ord. 524, 12/31/1991]
The location of any outdoor facility as herein referred to shall be subject to a minimum clearance of 15 feet from a sub-surface sanitary sewer system and 10 feet from any property line.
[Ord. 213, 4/31/1959, § 4; as amended by Ord. 524, 12/31/1991]
Every bathing place or swimming pool in which water may collect in excess of a depth of two feet installed or constructed shall be entirely surrounded by a substantial wire mesh fence, or its equivalent, of a non-removal type, not less than four feet in height, equipped with a gate and key-operated lock.
[Ord. 213, 4/3/1/1959, § 6]
Any person, firm or corporation who shall violate any of the provisions of this Part 1 shall forfeit and pay a fine of not more than $600, the same to be collected by a proceeding before a District Justice in said Township or recovered the same as debts of like amount are now by law recoverable, and in default of the payment of said fine and costs, shall be liable to imprisonment of not more than 30 days in the Montgomery County Prison, and whenever said violator shall be notified by a representative of the Township or by service of summons, or prosecution, or in any other way, that such violation has been committed, each day that the violator shall continue in such violation shall constitute a separate offense, punishable by a like fine or penalty.